All Kinds of Disney Pleasures

Really good Beer Bar Food
The world of very good alcohol choices at Disney is ridiculously good. go

Give this One Five Stars
The sexy belly dancers love to show it off. go

Sassagoula River Boat Marina
An action packed resort perfect for all ages. go

Taking the Kids up the Disney Jungle River
Big kids will want to skip this attraction and head over to Space Mountain or Big Thunder. go

Dark ride got my child scared
Disney does a really nice job of using the build up, anticipation, and general human concern. go

We just think this place is the best around. go

Not Scary
All of the new rides at Disney are fantastic, and Soarin is super with the video effects. go

Inside Stuff
It is a big theatrical and animatronics show, where many of the Presidents of the United States speak to the crowd. go

Lego Dragon
We love the theme parks and in the evenings we head to the disney shopping mall. go


Where to Stay in Orlando

Staying Close to the Theme Parks
And the transportation if fun too, try the monorail, ferryboats, and bus transportation to move around Disney. go

Hotel Features the Gasparilla Island Grill
The best place to get married is also the Grand Floridian. go

Busy and Modern Fun Resort
The Contemporary Resort is all fun with a futuristic atmosphere, as the monorails glide in and out of the fourth floor mezzanine. go

Swimming Pool
You will love the sand bottomed pool that sits right in front of the hotel. go

Close to Orlando Adult Nightlife
I really liked staying here along the fun zone called International Drive. go

Lakefront Hotel
It was an amazing Disney Vacation, as the Dolphin Resort is unbelievable. go

The Tops in Orlando Vacation Stays
If you have children on your Orlando Vacation, then high on your list of things to do is swimming pool playtime! go

Portofino Bay
I think the location is excellent if you want to get out in your car for an hour or so and explore some of the local Shopping places and there are some good local restaurants. go

Day at the Disney Waterparks

It sure would be nice if Disney could keep the water parks open even later at night. I think they would just need to heat up the water a few degrees higher when cooler temperatures kick in. We work during the day at the Golf Course (Country Club of Orlando) and the evening are just the best time for us to hit the water slides. Blizzard Beach is my personal favorite. After, we often go to the Citywalk Bars to chow.

Gerard W.

Value Amenities at Disney Orlando

The value resorts are more like first class fun places. Just perfect for the money. Sure, the Grand Floridian would be nice, but what a neat package of hotel amenities. I loved the Pop Century property and decorations. One cannot go wrong with this Orlando Resort. Nothing beats the days at the theme parks.

Pierre G.

Going for the Ride Experiences

Question: What are the Disney Magic Kingdom Attractions, which Offer the Fast Pass Option? Heading over to Central Florida this weekend, specifically to hit Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Theme Park. I can not find a list of the Disney rides or attractions that take the Fast Pass. You just might have a list? Fastpass is the way to go at Disney for sure. Here are the Magic Kingdom Fastpass Attractions: Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Peter Pans Flight, Mickeys PhilharMagic, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Space Mountain, and Stitchs Great Escape.

Raymon F.

Theme Park Patterns of Behavior

I love these websites have all kinds of different tools to help you with the line length at the theme parks. I have seen this one website that claims to accurately predict the crowd patterns inside the theme parks. Do you think it is possible for somebody to accurately predict patterns of behavior for the people in the parks. I am sure Disney knows all this, and maybe they have leaked it out. They have all kinds of devices with counters, every time you get a fast pass for expedition Everest for example. Exactly how many people go inside the Nemo the Musical Show. They would know the exact number of people every hour that go on Splash Mountain. It would seem Disney would have discount information for people to look at not some third party website.

Ted W.