Any of the resorts is a great pick for more vacation fun

Swimming Pool
Orlando has cheaper hotels by far than the rest of the state of Florida. go

Doubloon Lagoon
You just present your hotel room key wrist band to gain Extra Magic Hour privileges. go

Happy with a Really Nice Orlando Vacation
Take the bus over. go

Swimming Pool
Enjoy two table service restaurants, artist point and whispering canyon cafe with full strength bar cocktails. go

One of the Top Orlando Area Hotels
We came across some wild neighbors, as this hotel offers a wild zoo with all sorts of animals roaming free behind the resort. go

Port Orleans
The quiet pathways that surround the hotel makes it a great place to take a romantic stroll. go

Mickey Mouse Camping
Try to get groceries away from the camp shops, as they are too pricey. go

Swimming Pool
Leaving the car in the hotel is very nice and you do not have to use it unless you need to. go


Wonderful Place to Stay

We truly enjoyed the Food and Wine Classic
It is always busy and playful, as this complex is surrounded by some of the finest of the Disney Hotels (we have stayed at the Swan, Beach Club, and the Boardwalk Inn). go

Early Arrival Theme Park Strategy
Thank goodness so many guests like to sleep in or the early arrival theme park strategy would not work so well! go

Take the Zoo Train Ride
They have a lot of surprises. go

Vacation Hotel
Being a local is nice as Florida residents save at the waterparks and hotels. go

Lake Buena Vista Family Nightlife
That's a great photo of that fire breathing dragon made out of Lego blocks. go

Railroad Ride
I like to get on the train late in the day as a nice sightseeing break for my walking legs. go

Going Cheap and Saving at Disney
More money is spent on live musical performances, kids play, street dancing, character greetings, and free appearances at the concert parks. go


Last Minute Hotel Reservations

Wonderful Place to Stay

One thing we've learned about vacationing in Orlando, is the deep discounts. One thing is to find a hotel with a nice Swimming Pool, the next level of searching is to get that price down thirty percent or more. This town is about as good as you'll find for last minute hotel reservations. Because all the vacancy due to the overbuilt Orlando commercial hotel industry, you can always get a deal in this town except for around the time of the Christmas Day Parade at the Magic Kingdom. Florida is full during Christmas and really full that whole week after, all the way until new years day. That would be the one time I would not schedule a vacation here. If you're into the hotels, then you are probably into the swimming pools. Make sure you call the hotel and know exactly what the Swimming Pool temperature is. I think it's always kind of ironic when I call a hotel and they have no idea what their swimming pool temperature is heated to. I love places like the Postcard Inn, which is around Florida and the beaches, as they always have a big chalkboard with all the stats like the wind speeds, sunset, sunrise, ocean temperature, swimming pool temperature, and the rest. I would expect a hotel to always know what the swimming pool temperature is, every employee should know it. This is Florida!

Lula K.