At the front desk, anything can be added to the hotel bill, like the park ticket packages

Doing it right with Disney Rooms
Question: could you tell us the better Disney Resorts for watersports pleasure with our children. go

New Orleans at Disney
We stayed for five nights, it was a heck of an adventure. go

Swimming Pool
One of the coolest and upscale of the Disney Orlando resorts. go

Adults will Love the Bar
They'll make you anything you want, even the raspberry lemonade spiced up nicely with vodka, sprite, fresh lemon and key lime juice. go

A Winner for Guests
This is more like condo style living, with the refrigerator in standard rooms plus the microwave. go

Beach Club Lobby
Give it a top rating for being a nice place to stay. go

Party Hotel with Poolside Bar
After many trips to Orlando, we now always choose hotels that provide free shuttle service to the action. go

Hotel Taxi
We are so happy with a super fun hotel loaded with watersports pleasures. go


Family Stay Suggestions

Nemo in the Sea
Really the best time to see this park is January and February or anytime it's cold, to see more animals up close outside. go

So Pleasant and Entertaining Day Trips
It is fun to do this stuff. go

Learn about the Boat Taxis
For the tent trip, I went with the texsport king cot, as it got solid reviews and does not squeak! go

Dance Gig for the Children
Disney does a lot of things that are targeted towards children and adults kind of get a side benefit of it. go

Lego Dragon
I was impressed by all. go

Girls Love Cinderella's Character Breakfast
By far this is the hardest reservation to get in all of the Disney Orlando Parks. go

Special to Do
Thank goodness the parks do sell beer, booze, and wine. go


What a Fantastic Experience

Family Stay Suggestions

Slip into the pool water with a beluga whale at SeaWorld Orlando. They do a really nice job with the interactive elements at this water based theme park. What a fantastic experience that is open for both children and adults to Participate. They will take video of your experience, just too cool.

Hong G.