Disney appeals to all ages for the play time adventures

Character Greeting Stations
My personal preference is to take the kids and just be more aware of your surroundings. go

Photo Spots
Nemo in the Seas is a special place, do not miss that. go

Large Group Entertainment Event
You just have to navigate the event schedule and make sure all things are seen throughout the day. go

Sports Fans
We went to Ocean Prime Orlando for dining. go

Great for Kids and Shopping at the same time
(1) Downtown Disney Marketplace (2) Prime 1 Outlets on International Drive (3) Festival Bay Mall at International Drive (4) The Mall at Millenia (5) Pointe Orlando (6) Old Town (7) Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlet Stores (8) Orlando Premium Outlets (9) Crossroads at Lake Buena Vista and (10) West Oaks Mall. go

Doing the Triple Mountain Whammy
We just cannot get enough of the big three coaster rides at the Magic Kingdom. go

Bring your Video Capture Phone
Entertaining is the way everyone that becomes a cast member behaves. go

The Spot for Drinking Alcohol
Here is the spot for drinking alcohol and chowing on very yummy Mexican Nachos. go


Do Some Things

Dance Your Feet Off
Skip the upgrade to a preferred room, as all location are close to the main pool and entertainment area. go

What is the Best Disney Hotel for Fitness and Exercise
The Contemporary Resort is all fun with a futuristic atmosphere, as the monorails glide in and out of the fourth floor mezzanine. go

Swimming Pool
The resort includes a working geyser and hot springs, next to the giant swimming pool play area. go

Vacation Club Resort
You can't go wrong here if you are a family with children because the kids will have plenty to do all day and they even have a game room plus all kinds of different children's activities throughout the day that your kids can participate. go

Resort with a Beach
Not for those without a sweet wallet or high visa credit card limit! go

Voted Disney's Best Resort Location
Yes, the beach bar is here and you can easily get your drink on tasting the classic tropical drinks of Florida Beach Bars. go

Disney Hotel Room
We came in November and it was really nice because we can keep the doors open to the balcony just about every moment that we were back in the room. go


Special Indeed

Do Some Things

Please allow me to submit my review of the Disney day and a great restaurant called the Dine in Theater. Originality has found a home right here where you eat your food in a car. For some of the older people, this might remind you of some of the days gone past when you were the ones at the drive-in theater. I assume you could sneak in a little whiskey just like you probably did back in the day. This is more of a restaurant, not so much of a bar. Many of the restaurants around the theme parks are kind of a mix between a place to get a drink, like a bar and good food like a restaurant. Here I would focus on the food, for instance yummy things like homemade milkshakes. Your meal does not have to be expensive since you can stop in and split some onion rings, french fries or some really good chicken wings. For the hungry people I would recommend the build your own hamburger, with french fries, and maybe a chocolate malt, that should bring back some memories. I got the corned beef reuben and really loved it with the swiss cheese and the thousand island dressing. Eating on your day at the parks is special indeed.

Tanner B.