Extra perks are a big part any Orlando theme park vacation

Busy and Modern Fun Resort
If you have children with you during your Disney vacation, make sure to take full advantage of the AAA Member program called Kids Eat Free Card. go

Key West Resort Swimming Pool
It's nice to pick up some sandwiches so you don't have to eat inside the theme parks. go

Our Choice is the Disney Resort
We had no idea that there are so many activities available for you to enjoy at the hotel. go

So Fun to be at a Disney Resort
Neat things we learned. go

Big Giant Entertainment Area
A day at Epcot is only made even more enjoyable by being able to walk to your hotel! go

Swimming Pool Winners in Orlando
Hotels close to Disney Epcot Park are highly valued. go

Swimming Pool
Here they treat the American Southwest with so much class, and it is right in Orlando! go

Amazing Animal Zoo Hotel Playzone
After a day at the Theme Parks, it's nice to return home to this enchanting african-themed resort. go


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Best of Disney Springs
For sure this is high-quality dance art, a special kind of show. go

Pool Slide
A neat tiki bar sits along side. go

Easy Rollercoaster
If you are a parent and are trying to get your young child into the roller coasters this is a good one for them to learn on. go

Standby Entrance
Although, you should know that is one of the best times to have short lines. go

Take Disney to the Florida Keys
We had a blast, even on the one day that was entirely at sea. go

Disney Art Festival
What makes Disney Springs so appealing is that you can visit without paying a per-person entrance fee. go

Action Entertainment
This is the ride where you want to get involved, trust me. go


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As a dog owner, we started thinking about coming down to Disney World only to discover they don't allow pets at Disney! Disney World does have a dog kennel by the name of best friends pet care, but we were not looking for that. We want to keep the dog with us. We looked around and we found out there's a really good place called the Sheraton safari. This looked like the best place so we were thinking about transportation. It's nice to be able to get around pretty easy in this town so you want to make sure the hotel has free shuttle services. The Residence Inn Orlando over near SeaWorld is a good one. A lot of people said it's not a good idea to bring your dog. I would rather not travel with the animals, they are a big pain in the you know what. They get so attached, it's actually kind of ridiculous. The dog will grow on you over time, and so you want to bring him with you. Perhaps the best thing is to leave the dog at home or find a dog friend, or a dog sitter. Dogs and Orlando probably are really not a good deal, and that's why you can't take him when you rent at the Beach Club Resort!

Jimmy W.