Extra special surprises at Disney Orlando makes it really entertaining

Animal Care Professionals
It was so cool to see Animal Kingdom and the next door Animal Kingdom Lodge. go

Cool Nightly Music Shows
One of the good things about the value of Epcot is it stays open much later than say the Animal Kingdom. go

Blizzard Beach Slide Map
Around the park are a bunch of park map signs to help you find your next target ride. go

Wicked Witch
No fast pass, and we waited about 10 minutes to hop on the tram. go

Do the Space Rides
This particular attraction is probably twice as good as it used to be back in the old days. go

Wet Rides Adds Spice
We also bring a large hat to keep the sun off of your face so you don't look like a fried chicken wing when the day is over. go

Dining Experience
It's the ambience that does it for me with everything so pretty and they have that cooking style where the chef will be right in front of you and do fun things. go

Saratoga Golf Resort
Rooms are fully-equipped with kitchens, clothing washers, microwaves, and living rooms. go


Entertainment and Surprises

Yacht Club Villa Rentals
This is one hotel that all ages will like and the activities are spread all over the age groups. go

Theme Park Hotel
The Chamber of commerce does a lot of advertising to people up north and it just bombard you with the idea of coming down for a Disney trip. go

Snow White's Scary Adventures
If you drive, most of the Disney Area Theme Parks are just five minutes away. go

Tips for Orlando Hotel Reservation Booking
Try the local bike shops too. go

Exclusive Disney Waterfront Room Rentals
This hotel is excellent and I would recommend it to all families staying in Orlando. go

Disney Quality
Staying at a hotel like this meijer close to all the fun places and that's why we want to say give it our top recommendation. go

Summer is the Hotel deal Time
Of course the swimming pools are heated and maintain to a nice temperature so that everybody is happy even your stomach when it hits the water. go


The Surprises

Entertainment and Surprises

Good is Expedition Everest, we went to Animal Kingdom Theme Park on the first day. I just had to go on that ride after hearing so much about it and watching the onboard videos. I've come to the conclusion that it's not a good idea to watch these videos, prior to your trip. Everybody wants to watch the roller coaster videos to see how scary it is. The problem is that ruins the ride for you, and takes away all the surprises. If you're so worried about scary and a scariness of rides, why not stick to the medium scary. When they strap you in tight, where your shoulders cannot move and your waist cannot slip out, you are going to go fast like Aerosmith Ride. I have to say that Space Mountain is really good and better than ever since they fixed it up. I always have fun here or even just taken the Monorail around the disney property.

Lynnette O.