For its island vibe, spacious rooms and a large themed pool, this is wonderful

Swimming Pool
The Key West Resort takes care of all your transportation needs, so your car just sits in the parking lot! go

Spacious Family Suites
Each resort offers a unique theme, all surrounded by tropical gardens and a picturesque setting. go

Vacation Club Resort
They actually use golf carts to shuttle people around and show you where your vacation accommodations are located at. go

Swimming Pool
Orlando has cheaper hotels by far than the rest of the state of Florida. go

Boat Taxi
Very nice place, we stay a week at a time. go

Centrally located to the Theme Parks
The resort includes a working geyser and hot springs, next to the giant swimming pool play area. go

Coronado Springs Swimming Pool
Of course the swimming pools are heated and maintain to a nice temperature so that everybody is happy even your stomach when it hits the water. go

Port Orleans
It has the entertainment offerings of a deluxe resort for the price tag of a moderate resort. go


Vacation Stay

Shop for Girls
She can choose to be a Disney Diva, Snow White, or others. go

Live Events
The chicken parmesan hoagie is really good and I love hot marinara sauce on a toasted hoagie roll with provolone and parmesan cheeses. go

Love the Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
We love the experience and of course everything they make is so tasty. go

This experience is what it's all about since they get you set up, teach you about the process, and you might even break the track record and when an annual pass to Disney world! go

Primeval Whirl
Try your luck at the Fossil Fun games, coaster rides, and the dinosaur twisting jeep. go

Epcot is the Best Dining
The meals are great at all the theme park restaurants. go

Festival Day Events in Town
Bring your date and explore it all together. go


Staying with Walt

Vacation Stay

I wanted to do a quick review of the food courts which are part of many of the disney hotels including the All-Star Sports Resort. We are always in a hurry when we are on vacation at the Theme Park world, and eating does need to be in a hurry. Many of the deluxe resorts at Disney have some darn good sit down restaurants, but frankly they take a little bit too long, but the same length as any other restaurant that you would sit down at International Drive. Where the food courts shine is in speed of service. As you walk through the doors, you grab a tray and the fun part begins as you get to browse around and pick out whatever you want. They have a hot food area where you will ask the server behind the counter to scoop out whatever you're interested in. I like to baked chicken dinner and they also make a really good hot italian sandwich. If you're in the Pizza, they have individual pizzas at a really good price, plus you get a large pizza. It is nice to be alone take your food and go out by the pool to eat. Most people tend to eat inside, but the view is a lot better out what the Swimming Pool and all the action. One of the best things about the Food Court are the souvenir mugs, so you can have refillable diet drinks and juices during your entire length of hotel stay. Give the food courts the highest recommendation and we love the Food Court Menu equally as well.

Edgardo M.