Getting lots of extras is all part of Orlando hotels

Value Hotel
I made the first reservation at the Residence Inn with a kitchen for December twenty four and 25th. go

Hotels with the Benefits
Easy in and out with the complimentary parking at Disney Theme Parks. go

Staying Cheaper
I was so happy when I opened up the front room key door and looked inside, the place was gorgeous. go

Hotels just like a Home
Kids will laugh and splash as they swim through the waterfall at this fantastic pool. go

The Camping Resort
It only takes a shower or two to cross the path of your campsite for things to be pretty soggy and miserable, nothing like if you stay in rv travel trailer. go

Enjoyed Three Super Nights in Orlando
Orlando and Lake Buena Vista really do have an abundant amount of hotels with lots of options for fun. go

Mighty Duck Building
Your children will be so happy and want to come back soon. go

Swimming at the Resort
French doors inside the Beach Club units were a nice surprise. go


Overnight Accommodations

More Fun for Less Money
The Orlando kids will gobble them up. go

Outdoor Spectacle
It is a big party and the adults can drink alcohol inside Hollywood Studios. go

Winners for a Disney Day
Plus, there just is not anything like this for a family day at Disney or Universal. go

Do not Miss It
I am sure it is on the national historic place list. go

Exclusive Disney Waterfront Room Rentals
Everything is so special at the Disney French Quarter Resort, especially the swimming pools. go

Our Excellent Hotel Selection
Hotels on sale for rooms makes me smile. go

Main Lobby
We were very happy with All-Star Sports desk services, that are great with suggestions to do. go


Staying for One Week

Overnight Accommodations

We got really lucky on this trip, as we rented a single-family home in the city of Kissimmee. We typically stay in one of the disney resorts, like a Coronado Springs Resort. This time we were bringing eight people total and we realize that there's not a really good option for that many people at Disney World. Of course you can rent multiple rooms, but we want a big party kind of environment where you have a huge living room and everybody can get around to watch the tv together. Trying to pick out a luxury home or even just a basic home in the area is a pretty big challenge. The rent prices can be darn good though, especially if you're staying for one week or two weeks. You don't get any of the services of the disney hotels, but having a garage and a home base is nice. You're probably going to have to deal with the professional property manager, and they get their cut. If you go on craigslist Orlando, you can often find the homeowner and deal with them directly. If all that is too much trouble, try one of the mid level resorts in Lake Buena Vista.

Bobbi O.