Getting photos with the disney characters is a must do

Outdoor Spectacle
Yes, they serve wine, beer, and more cocktail types at the various restaurants. go

Exploring the Jungle
One thing about everything in Orlando, you want to do it when all of the local schoolchildren are sitting in their chairs in the classroom! go

Sports for Children
I wonder how that happened, we hit the beer bar after! go

Art Festival Weekend
It might be the best time of year to enjoy the theme park pleasures. go

Kids Hug Handy Manny
Do not miss Disney Junior play and dine, right there at famous crossroads of Hollywood and Vine! go

Soccer Ball
This is one we look forward to in a big way, for the soccer team drills. go

Festivities really Pack a Punch
So many people around Orlando, Winter Park, and Lake Buena Vista have the annual passes. go

They do this type of thing at the Lion King show and even on the Main Street Stage. go


Celebrate Walt Disney

Overnight with Lots to Do
They have tennis courts at Animal Kingdom Lodge kidani village and the Grand Floridian in the luxury group. go

Doing it on an Orlando Budget
Hit the ground running after your shower, and miss no magic that way. go

Hotel Taxi
Disney is known for the mickey and the Magic Kingdom, but fantastic resorts like this are wonderful. go

Camping Winner for Central Florida
The bus and boat taxi are excellent and go late to the wee hours. go

Boat Taxi
The suite rooms are the way to go for six adults. go

Fabulous Places to Stay in Orlando
Use the sidewalk to walk directly to the Magic Kingdom. go

Hotel Food is Excellent
This is cafeteria food, not Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe dining, so you walk around and pick out whatever you want and they will scoop it up for you, and handed to you so you can put it on your tray. go


Kid Friendly

Celebrate Walt Disney

We like Florida vacations, and have been to a lot of good places like Key West, Daytona Beach, and Sarasota. I think Orlando is the favorite place because of all the action, and all of it is kid friendly. Things are a lot better when you have Theme Parks close by and all the other attractions. This past week we went to Animal Kingdom Park and have to say the best ride of all is Expedition Everest. We do not like the super scary roller coasters like Aerosmith rocket ride. It is a pleasure to go on something where it is fast, but they don't have you in a harness. Even Space Mountain you are really locked in to your seat. Safety is a big deal, I understand why they don't want to the fallout. Any ride that there is a concern about falling out, it's probably one that I'm going to skip. The incredible hulk ride over at Universal Studios is way too much.

Shelia Q.