Go early to avoid the longer ride lines

Disney Bakery
They used to have a huge viking ship out front where the kids could climb, but too many kids slipped and filed lawsuits, and they do not let kids go on anymore. go

Professional Level Orlando Golf Course
Very nice spot for golf. go

Sitting on the Front Row
They know how to act and the humans do hide, but it is right between your eyes. go

I love those frozen red sangria popsicles that you can buy and the mango daiquiri. go

Sexy Spots for Romance in Orlando
The grounds are beautiful and Disney creates an environment that brings out the best in romance and dating. go

Being able to sit down is something that we also like. go

Lego Imagination Center
I was impressed by all. go

All-you-can-eat Smorgasbord Restaurant
We like the German Area at Epcot, because it caters to all ages and they sell the homemade classic foods of the land. go


Adventure Day

Centrally located to the Theme Parks
The resort includes a working geyser and hot springs, next to the giant swimming pool play area. go

Take a tour before you book
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

Swimming Pool Area is Amazing
Here they treat the American Southwest with so much class, and it is right in Orlando! go

Swimming Pool
Everything is so special at the Disney French Quarter Resort, especially the swimming pools. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
This is the spot for us, we are junkies in search of the fastest and scariest rides but need to keep the budget. go

Hotels with Small Kids at Disney
This is a winner for all those with little tiny kids. go

Swimming Pool Winners in Orlando
Give it my vote for the best location is the Epcot Area Hotels. go

Children love It

They really have a lot of good things to do in one city. Orlando is my favorite place to go, and the children love it just as much as the adults. Everybody is more happy in this town, at least the people in the tourist area. Orlando's huge and if you get around and explore some of the outdoor parks and bicycle trails, you will love it. Mostly we do the Disney things, and the favorite of all is Tomorrowland. Space Mountain continues to be the best ride ever. Anytime you can go on a roller coaster in the dark, that's perfect. I like the way they're doing more things with the motion simulators. The ability for people to come up with different kinds of experiences is special and this can be astronomical with the growth of motion simulators. I can see on the horizon some different kinds of rides like walking on Jupiter. We want a rocket ride to Pluto, which all can be done with motion simulators. I was pretty impressed the Citywalk on this trip, because of the daily music.

Benjamin F.

Unbelievable Experience

Going to the Magic Kingdom and actually stopping and getting a haircut is an unbelievable experience. For all those parents with young kids or even any guy that once a haircut, I kid you not the place they have at the Theme Park is hilarious. You will never have more fun in your whole life getting a haircut.

Every now and then for a guy, it is nice just to get one of those buzz cuts, with the short blade. You don't lose all the hair, just it shortens it down and then it grows back in two or three weeks, and after a month or two it's back to normal. Since I have short hair it is just something that I wanted to do. I know what it would be like if I decided to trim my hair all away off, but not like kojak! It's really not that big of a deal, and shorthair is nice as the spring season is coming, thank goodness so I can hit the Swimming Pool in Orlando on vacation!

Cole I.