Having a swimming pool cocktail bar is a nice resort amenity

Best of Amenities
Yes, this is a hotel that actually has a waterpark inside with all kinds of neat things around the swimming pool. go

Disney Hotel Discounts
The big players are: (1) Lee Vista Center (2) Orange County Convention Center (3) Harcourt Brace Business Center (4) Lockheed Martin (5) Central Park Business Center (6) AAA World Headquarters (7) Kennedy Space Center (8) Port Canaveral. go

Kissimmee Area Family Hotel
We ate dinner at http://www.cecilsbbq.com/ and boma one evening and very happy with the food menu picks. go

Lakeside Hotel
The Disney Golf courses are a great pleasure to tee it up! go

Perfect for all Families
It makes you smile when you pull into the parking lot and go right through the guard gate, because you have arrived. go

Big Giant Entertainment Area
Staying busy all the time is no problem at all because they have loaded up this hotel with anything possible to do in a swimming pool I hope you've had the opportunity to play basketball inside a swimming pool. go

Best pick for Disney Vacations
Your automobile sits nicely in the parking lot as you walk to all the bars and dance clubs. go

Quick Service Foods
Everyone loved to sit in the colorful dining booths. go


A Great Resort

It Never Gets Old
Hee Haw made it to the Disney World Theme Park and the country's chief executives are the bears as the stars. go

Super Event for Adults
Having all of the soap opera artists at one event is excellent. go

Low Lines after Rain
The faster rides are scary for sure. go

Magic Kingdom Park Boat Shuttle
The bus is the same great service, just know the details to not waste time. go

Neatest Disney Soccer Games
You might just get lucky sometimes and they pull you in and congratulate you for being the guest of the day. go

What our Kids Loved
They sing, have acts on the streets, great parades, character greetings, fire works, food tastings, and more. go

Minnie Mouse Kids Playground
This is the spot parents get to relax a bit at the Magic Kingdom Orlando. go

Last Minute Hotel Reservations near Disney

There is a lot of flexibility in picking out a place in Orlando. The vacation packages are pretty attractive for the big family, but boy the price tag sure seems astronomical. We like to mix in the vacation experiences, while keeping the prices down to a reasonable level. I would say that there's nothing wrong with the All-Star Movies resort or the Art of Animation Resort. There are a lot of other things to look at, since there are hundreds and hundreds of hotels within twenty minutes of the attractions. Going cheap can be done in this town, because of the overgrowth of the hotel industry. I think the best thing for a lot of people is to go with the Last Minute Hotel Reservations near Disney. It is important to us to have good weather when we go on the trip so we can enjoy the swimming pools. By doing a last minute hotel reservation, say on a Thursday, you can negotiate. If they have a lot of vacancy, they want to in that room. It's good to play hardball with at least a few of the hotels. Talk to the manager and get the deal you want, or make the next Phone Call!

Summer A.

Perfect Vacation Trips

I am looking for the Primanti Brothers Orlando and love the food. What is a good way to finish off the sandwich. Yes Primanti Brothers is the king of your sandwich fixing places. Earl of Sandwich is good, plus the Kissimmee Florida bbq restaurant micasitabbq.com is not to be missed.

Pamala N.