It is great to stay really close to the Theme Parks

Hotel Taxi
Being at a beach resort with huge pools is very nice to do. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
Plan on great fun and sports entertainment. go

Swimming Pool
Taking the bus works fine, it comes around every 15 minutes or so. go

Lobby Bar
I loved it, as we are in the Theme Park mood. go

Swimming Pool
The Key West Resort takes care of all your transportation needs, so your car just sits in the parking lot! go

Take the Family Camping
You get all the value from the swimming. go

Splash in the Pool
It was such a pleasure to stay at Animal Kingdom Orlando lodge. go

Vacation Club Resort
Make sure you check the daily events schedule which will highlight things that you can sign up for or really you just show up at the right time and have some fun with the Disney cast members that lead the festivities, like the hula hoops! go


Spend the Night

Love the Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
I love the way they take char-broiled chicken breast and barbecue sauce, mix it up nicely and then topped it with four cheese blend and chopped cilantro. go

Wet Rides Adds Spice
The wet rides are terrific. go

Better than the Disney Movie
They do offer preshow entertainment for those that like to come and get the best seats. go

Arcade Center
If traveling with little ones on Orlando Getaway Vacations, we recommend attractions that emphasize fun. go

Sky High Mountain Ride
Do not let the rains ruin your theme park visit, as an hour later it will be beautiful out again. go

Shows in a Theater
There are so many live events, do not miss any. go

Cheap Family Fun in Orlando
You can take your younger children here and they can have some fun with this. go


The Hotel Rooms

Spend the Night

Going to Orlando is a lot different than other vacation destinations in Florida. This is one place where you can find discounts for everything starting with your breakfast buffet. I love it when you're driving down International Drive and you see it big billboard displaying the three dollar breakfast buffet! I kid you not, they will do anything to get you inside their stores and booking their hotel. The people that are annual pass holders are the real lucky ones cause they probably live within an hour of the theme parks. Once you move away from their, for instance Tampa or St Petersburg, then you need to Book a Room. We have been very happy with the cheaper places to stay over near Disney. I have to say that the All-Star Music Resort is probably the perfect place for a family, but a small family. The hotel rooms are not that large and are really best for two people, even though it is a four person limit. Two small children and two adults would be fine, until you get into the weeklong vacations then you probably need a one-bedroom villa.

Ricardo I.