It is nice to not have to drive the car, it seems more like a true getaway escape

Camping Winner for Central Florida
Oh my goodness is this the spot for Orlando camping. go

We Picked Caribbean Beach
This is more like condo style living, with the refrigerator in standard rooms plus the microwave. go

Kids Hotel
I love the resort stays where guests will find amazing attention to detail. go

Swimming Pool
Things are not far at all, they have built a fine system of coordinating everything together. go

Disney Pools
We very much enjoyed the hotel restaurants. go

Coronado Springs Swimming Pool
It's a good idea to wear your wet shoes, or beach shoes, otherwise known as wet wearable shoes. go

Mousekeeping is Awesome
Everyone enjoys the convenient walk to Epcot in less than five minutes from the Mickey Mouse hotel room! go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
It is great. go


Booking a Disney Room

Fastest Orlando Theme Park Ride
High tech rides are a lot better than the old style rides of yesteryears. go

Featured Attractions
That Chair Act which goes on in front of the France Pavilion is amazing. go

Secret Spots to Meet Characters
The person behind the mask sure knows how to wiggle, clap, and make funny faces to make your children smile. go

Be sure to have your Video Camera
During various parts of each show, they pick about fifteen kids to join the song and dance part of the live event. go

Wide World of Sports Complex
Very enjoyable for the children is the opportunity to play in one of these soccer leagues that they have here at Disney Orlando. go

A Superior Place to Stay
I would not get all caught up in the location of your room. go

Main Lobby
The key to getting a fast Check-in at Disney is do all the online stuff first, long before you arrive. go


Flying in to Disney World Orlando

Booking a Disney Room

The Orlando airport is a hassle, but it shouldn't stop you from seeing the best of disney World. We love this place and it is cool for nightlife. That's why we've compiled a list of places that we like best. Some more surprising than others, Orlando has a lot to offer families with children. This is a town that require serious planning to visit it all.

Bo Z.