It is something special when you go during the Monstrous Summer 24-Hour All-Nighter

South Beach Diet at Disney
As the day progresses into night-time, the ambience changes from a sunny dock-side vista to that of an Atlantic City-style Boardwalk with strung lights and side-shows. go

Hollywood Studios Wait Times Board
Take the kids to this, which was playing at 6:30 and 8pm. go

Super Event for Adults
I can understand, what a super event for adults. go

Epcot Daily Event Schedule
Did you know that is was 1982 when this part of Epcot was formed. go

Give this One Five Stars
Try the Lazy Moon Pizza or Houlihan's for dining. go

Critters for the Big Show
With Disney you have a ride, as once inside all it is complementary transportation. go

Keeping Kids Happy
We think the water parks are one of the best values going in Orlando. go

Secret Spots to Meet Characters
Also, right at the entrance is always a good place to meet a character (almost always they are there). go


Take your Camera

Orlando is the best Vacation City
While you are there, be sure to check the schedule at the Wide World of Sports Complex has open for you to do and play! go

Happy with a Really Nice Orlando Vacation
After, the boarding ramps lower, and you and your big smile exit Star Tours and head to the Tower of Terror with your fastpass in hand! go

Swimming Pool
Yes, this system allows one to go to the park early or stay a bit late, when only the hotel guests have access to the theme park. go

Camping Winner for Central Florida
Adults and children will eat this up in a big rv. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
Orlando has cheaper hotels by far than the rest of the state of Florida. go

Orlando Beach Hotel is a Dream Stay
Get the workout or spa treatment and then go for the splash. go

Balcony Views
We like to tee off at one of our world famous golf courses, like magnolia by the Magic Kingdom. go

Music Concerts are Prime Time

If you want to get pumped up for the Epcot Music Concerts, which have lots of the older bands, tune in the TV to the WGCU: Ed Sullivan's Top Performers. Oh yes, a winner. Yes, it was all the cool old music folks that played on his show. Tom Jones, It is not Usually to be loved by Anyone. Stuff like that. Very entertaining and good for when working around the house. I am ready for the Epcot Band Stand.

Gaston Y.

Hitting the Parks

Chill cold has hit all Orlando, even a little bit down here. You will be bundled up and your Kissimmee Florida softball league gang cannot look at your boobs! That is what you said, not me! High of eighty three yesterday, today maybe sixty two! Burr for that, after the game we need to hit the super yummy Pizza cafe.

Tomorrow we are heading to some of the theme parks, probably Hollywood Studios first. The colder weather in December does change things a little bit, starting with the Wide World of Sports events and the Typhoon Lagoon water rides are bit more difficult. Certainly everything about hitting the parks is understanding the weather conditions closely and making good decisions on what to wear. Nothing is worse than carrying a sweatshirt that you thought you would need, and then the summer sun hits everyone and then you have to carry it around all day. Luckily we have really good weather forecast here starting with the wesh weather tv channel at website.

Jc O.