It never is the same thing, we add something to our itinerary that's different and new

Daily Cowboy Rodeo Show
Things are a lot better when you have the opportunity to participate in some great event, it will make you laugh for the rest of the day. go

We push for the Thrill Rides
Even Swirl a Whirl at Animal Kingdom is fantastic and it is small. go

Soccer Ball
Let your children play for at least an hour in the ESPN Interactive Soccer Zone. go

Sports for Children
They really shouldn't tell me what buttons do, as the bartender staff is excellent at the Sports Cafe. go

Evening Concert Band Stage
This is a giant party that happens every night and is so much fun. go

Walk around the World
Do this area during lunch time and get some yummy egg rolls and fried rice. go

Fire Breathing Dragon
That would be no fun at all to end up in the Orange County jail, so why not take advantage of the boat taxi and the bus shuttle service to get around if you decide to have a little bit of alcohol. go

Donald Duck
Did you notice the front bumper of the jeep, that looks like a duck bill, plus the eyes are the lights. go


Special Days

Adults will Love the Bar
We would recommend The Walt Disney World Swan, it is located so nicely near the Boardwalk Bar Zone. go

Hotel Reviews
What a big step up from the Motel Six experience, since you get amenities galore! go

So Happy with the Reservation
Everywhere you walk it is so nice and themed perfectly to new orleans. go

Tips for Orlando Hotel Reservation Booking
At least work out once at the Ship Shape Health Club. go

Party Hotel with Poolside Bar
The Key West Resort takes care of all your transportation needs, so your car just sits in the parking lot! go

Swimming Pool
The resort includes a working geyser and hot springs, next to the giant swimming pool play area. go

Orlando Hotels
It is about seven miles to Disney Springs, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom theme parks. go


Cheapest Shopping in Orlando

Special Days

Visitors to Orlando have your one shot at the cheap-and-cool shopping at Ikea. The concept is cool, where you pick-out and take-out on your own with much less help. No bags. Kind of do it yourself style (DIY saves cash). We like that. But if something is really big, they will help you. Why go. Things are cheap, and that I like. You can see the Ikea Catalog online, which is full of ideas to furnish the house, office, kitchen, and more detail things like for example baking. There is more. I would not submit a comment for IKEA Orlando if it were not the coolest (also in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa). Best Regards.

Rod Y.