Kids are all smiles while mom and dad get to sip wine

Movie Set Show
After the stage show you go on to a tram ride which is excellent. go

Lego Imagination Center
Special are the shops and there you use lego. go

Entertaining for Small Kids
Next year were gonna come for the wine festival and I have to complement also the cheesecake factory as that place is excellent for the family out in Orlando. go

Get strapped in for a 4G Space Ride
Now that we got our annual pass, the scary rides we used to pass up can be had! go

Take lots of Video for after the Trip
It actually goes pretty quick, a creative performance and a sure thing with small children. go

Inside Stuff
Just think about it for a minute, your kids will actually get an education on your day to the Theme Parks! go

Always a Winner
A lot of times you can just get caught up with the event and you never really pay attention to some of the terrific and creative ideas that they have come up with. go

Gertie the Dinosaur
How about that is one old Disney Dinosaur. go


Disney Planning

The Best Places in Orlando for Entertainment
If you have children with you during your Disney vacation, make sure to take full advantage of the AAA Member program called Kids Eat Free Card. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
Nice even if you are not going to the Magic Kingdom parks. go

Swimming Pool
After many trips to Orlando, we now always choose hotels that provide free shuttle service to the action. go

Lakefront Resorts
Easy walk over to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. go

A Winner for Guests
You really can't go wrong with the Disney experience as it is a winner for guests. go

Quick Service Foods
From the lobby to the pool is all decorated with giant sports figures. go

Port Orleans
The quiet pathways that surround the hotel makes it a great place to take a romantic stroll. go

New Things to Try in the Sky

They have a new ride at Downtown Disney. You go way up to experience a bird's eye view of Lake Buena Vista and Disney World with a ride aboard Characters in Flight. Yes, you catch it and go right up above Downtown Disney. It cannot fly away as the tethered balloon ride always comes down after it reaches around 400 feet.

Chris Z.

Disney Nuts

Fun are the big Disney events, we go to most. My blog has gone crazy by the Disney-nuts. I delete the majority of the emails I get from the happy visitors after responding back. Crazy how many I don't even look at, but unsubscribing takes time, so I never take that time to do it and just delete the stupid emails from the bad visitors. Ridiculous, so I have been taking the time to unsubscribe, but not from your website. Off to the great apple festival this weekend at Disney Springs. Maybe I added the great part, but should be fun.

Marlin Z.