Make sure to Visit Lake Buena Vista when your Kids are Young

We Loved the Marine Park
Way cool ride. go

Orlando has a Lots of Options
(1) Downtown Disney (2) Animal Kingdom Theme Park (3) Disney Hollywood Studios (4) SeaWorld Adventure Park (5) Epcot (6) Magic Kingdom Park (7) Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course (8) Wide World of Sports Complex (9) Typhoon Lagoon Water Park (10) Universal Studios (11) Universal Islands of Adventure. go

Go up High
You go up high and your heart will start to beat faster as you climb higher. go

Pony Rides
Our local Kissimmee resident friends had done the trail riding before and told us about places like to rent a horse and ponies. go

Scary Mount Everest Rollercoaster
Orlando is lucky to have splendid lands of many wonders. go

Blondie Comic Strip Restaurant
Dagwood bumstead of the blondie comic strip loves his mile-high sandwiches made famous and called dagwood sandwiches! go

Top Spots with Children
Do more for less (that is the promotion) on your next Orlando vacation. go

Rainy Day Ideas
They know how to make the unexplainable come to life right in front of your very eyes. go


Activity Lists

Places we like in Orlando
The place is an event all on its own to go too. go

Swimming Pool
We like to get a little buzz on while we enjoy the festivities. go

Pick your Orlando Smile Idea
It is a true event, one that you just must put on your Orlando theme park itinerary. go

Swimming Pool
Plan on great fun and sports entertainment. go

Best time to Visit Disney
Remember, the theme parks have seasonally focused parades, featured musical-stage shows, and too much to name. go

Fish and Chips
I would definitely recommend this particular restaurant as the food is outstanding. go

Art Event Weekend Festival
My favorite place for chocolate is the Ghirardelli Sweet Spot. go

Orlando Trips

Orlando trips are good opportunity to get a little bit of everything plus the town does not shut down so early like some of the Florida beach towns. We like a modern city that has pretty much everything anybody could ask for to keep busy, even the professional sports like the Orlando magic. Most the time we tend to stay over on the west side of Orlando near Lake Buena Vista, as that is the tourist area where things are open until four am. I have decided that my favorite place to stay is the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, because they have free Boat Taxi rides over to the bars at Disney Springs. It is a pleasure to leave the car in the parking lot and be able to do what ever you want to do with your alcohol consumption, of course of up to a reasonable level. This is not a town to get falling down drunk in. It is a great town to get a nice buzz and enjoy yourself to the fullest extent without having to drive. Make sure you rent something very close to all the action so you can use your bicycles, take the bus, or even better yet take the boat taxi!

Lea M.

Disney Ride Picking

The one thing about these vacation trips and everybody thinks about but sometimes doesn't plan very much for is dealing with your pet. You cannot have pets at the All-Star Sports Resort or any of the other places here at Disney except for the Fort Wilderness campground. If you have a dog that barks forget it even at Fort Wilderness because they will send it packing.

There's a bunch of different veterinary hotels for dogs in Orlando to pick from and they take kitty cats as well. The first thing that happened to me with my cat when I got back was to realize it caught something from being around a bunch of different animals. I got a little nervous at first I just wanted answers.

Perhaps I'm just like a normal parent with the child you just get concerned because you're having fun doing all the good things like Mission Space and you want to come home to a healthy pet that is so happy when you arrive back from your fantastic Orlando vacation. Is the kitty the same, a little worse off or a little better? Did the Phone Call to the vet provide any clues. Maybe cats getting sick is more of a normal thing than I know about. We loved this Central Florida Vacation trip big time!

Jayson C.