Many of the Orlando Hotels are like a Mini Theme Park with Rooms

Where to stay for City Walk
It does not say anything about it on their website. go

Four Great Nights in Orlando
High quality and five minutes from Disney. go

Go Swimming
Many people seem to complain a little bit about the size of the standard rooms, but we thought they were great. go

After the thrill of Theme Parks, you'll enjoy endless cheerful-fun with themed pools, water slides, game rooms, restaurants, activity programs and more. go

Staying near Disney
We leave the car in the parking lot each trip and use the free transportation exclusively. go

The Rooms are Great
The spread out buildings make it less oppressive than Pop Century or All-Star Sports Resort. go

Hotels with Small Kids
If you have small children you might want to try some of the dinner theaters, but adults will probably want to pass. go

Value Resort
You get two nice queen beds and a decent size room, a great tv with Disney channel and a refrigerator. go


Get a Hotel

Hotel Taxi
This is a first class caribbean themed resort, perfect for unwinding after the Theme Parks. go

Cheap Deals and a Super Venue
They have a big events here too, we enjoyed the musicals. go

On Stage Experiences
Best of all to do at Hollywood Studios is the on stage experiences. go

Stylish Apparel for Men or Women
I would say this is one of the better things they came up with when they were thinking about which shops to put into this wonderful Orlando outdoor mall. go

Orlando is the best Vacation City
While you are there, be sure to check the schedule at the Wide World of Sports Complex has open for you to do and play! go

Character Greeting Stations
If you like to do it this way go right ahead and get in line. go

Hotel Pleasures and with Great Food
It is a Way Cool Orlando Hotel. go


Sleep Four

Get a Hotel

A friend of mine thought you could fit five people in one of the standard rooms at Pop Century. I guess you could if you had a sleeping bag on the floor. The maximum size is not just about trying to get you to pay extra, it just doesn't fit that many people. You would be stepping over each other and I don't think would have a good time. If you have a large group, you might want to consider getting two rooms. Get a one-bedroom suite at Coronado Springs Resort for the large family. They have two bedroom suites as well, plus a really big group could stay at for wilderness campground in the whole bunch of tents! I think the standard rooms are really good for two people that are adults, and two younger kids. I would not do two adults and two teenagers in the standard rooms, even though they do sleep four. You think this is a family resort, but they don't really have much room for large families. Maybe the best suggestion for keeping the cost down for a family of five or six is the All-Star Music Resort family suite with the kitchenette.

Irma B.