My four children and I love the entire Disney property

Forget the bus, that is free too, as this old fashioned boat is a real treat for all. go

Vacations that will make everyone smile
Only Disney Orlando could come up with such neat splashable play, perfect for all ages. go

Epcot Area Disney Resorts
The resort is nice for collecting soap and shampoo with Mickey Mouse on the outside of the bottle. go

Food Court Menu
When you're eating it's a lot more fun if there's something special to look at and of course they play music everywhere including around the swimming pool zones. go

Resort with a Beach
I would think a day over at the NASA space ship launch exhibit is a good option if you have small kids. go

Hotels for Location
You are here within the vicinity of the Magic Kingdom. go

Nice Resorts
Enjoy the comforts of a Disney home so close to fun things for all ages. go

Hotel Reviews
Bell services loaded us and our luggage on a golf cart and off we went! go


Disney Resort Picking

Safari Fries
Very popular is the brave new world chicken dish. go

Minnie Mouse Kids Playground
We also stopped at the JCPenney store while we were in town and got some really good deals on Disney clothing to take back home. go

Sky High Mountain Ride
After a rainstorm you become a Disney vip with no line waiting! go

Shows in a Theater
Just the most outrageous live stage act, this is the biggest hit going on now daily here in Orlando. go

Best Shows
Taking advantage of the best shows is what you want to do when you're at the Theme Parks. go

A Superior Place to Stay
I would not get all caught up in the location of your room. go

Splash Down with the Family
Stair climbing is all part of it and keeps all ready for the cool off splash down. go


Vacation Resort Area

Disney Resort Picking

We get a lot of questions from people about bring their pets to Orlando. Yes there are plenty of pet friendly hotels around the area. The problem is, this is a vacation resort area where you are going to be extremely busy all day long and late into the evening. I personally own two dogs, and would never bring them back on a vacation to Florida. You're going to be busy, way too busy and the pets are the ones that suffer being in a place they don't understand. What makes it worse, I've seen people that actually bring those child protection fences and use them in the kitchens to keep the dog's stuck on the kitchen floor. Doing this so it can only poop or pee in the kitchen, rather than a carpet area. To me that is horrible and completely neglecting the animal. Keeping the dog on the kitchen floor all day, so if it uses the bathroom it's stuck in there with the excretion. A lot of people own dogs, but in this town the best dog is the only one that should be here Goofy Dog!

Mae T.