Orlando has some Amazing Hotel that are Fun and Cheap

Florida hotels deserve fantastic swimming pools
We prefer places that have fantastic swimming pools. go

Story Book Orlando Vacation Stay
They offer tons of on-site amenities for kids and adults to enjoy. go

Portofino Bay
I would definitely go to the Ikea store if you will are not here through an airplane. go

Staying Cheaper
I would think these are perfect for anybody, ideally for two adults. go

Resort Built around a Zoo
I believe this is the number one pick for all those that have a younger child. go

Summer Booking Season Picks
Having a super-nice hotel swimming pool is a must in Orlando. go

Loaded with Surprises
Swimming is so fun and very cool to do when away from the Theme Parks. go

Being in the Center of World Drive Orlando
That means you are quick to everything that is the coolest in Orlando and of course the theme parks. go


Travel Packing

The Space Mountain Attraction
The Space Mountain attraction is excellent for all ages. go

Mexico Showcase
Here is the spot for drinking alcohol and chowing on very yummy Mexican Nachos. go

Disney World of Putt-Putt
The youngest of the children is four and she really enjoyed the whole thing with the colorful balls and trying to get it in the golf hole. go

Doing it right with Disney Rooms
Stay inside the magic for less if you book with one of the hotel travel packages. go

Orlando Gas Stations
She said they sell Fro-Yo which is Ben north Jerry's Frozen Yogurt. go

Shows in a Theater
Hollywood Studios On Stage Live is a winner to see with new daily shows. go

Sample some classic German Food
Lunch is really good at Epcot, as the World Showcase opens around 11am and is not busy at lunch time. go


Book your Disney Plans

Travel Packing

There are certain times when it's very advisable to book your Disney plans pretty far out in advance. If you're coming here for the Christmas Day Parade, or any of the special holiday times, book early. There are times where it's very advantageous to do Last Minute Hotel Reservations, because they have high vacancy rates and plenty of rooms to discount for you. Make sure you understand if you are going at a peak time or an off-peak time. It is pretty easy to go to google search and use the keywords: off-peak months at Disney World. If you're booking in an off-peak months, then you can negotiate. You might not be able to negotiate as well with the Disney staff members, but the different hotels around the city are way more flexible than the big corporation. If you get a hotel manager on the line when you are booking off-peak, you can get a free extra day or a larger discount on whatever the room rate is listed on their website.

Elva B.