Orlando is Lucky to have Splendid Lands of many Wonders

Orlando Florida Top Things
We just love this list, as it is right on the money. go

Must Do
This is a theater in the round type setting, and it holds about one thousand people and maybe even more. go

Go up High
You go up high and your heart will start to beat faster as you climb higher. go

Donald Duck
No where will you get any closer to mickey, just arrive about twenty minutes before the pre-scheduled show. go

Top Spots with Children
Do more for less (that is the promotion) on your next Orlando vacation. go

Pony Rides
I like horses now, since it was my first time at fifty two years old. go

Orlando Attractions and Recreation Information
Citywalk is having a lot of stuff that is extra to do in December. go

Fantastic Outdoor Sports Activity
This is a fantastic outdoor activity to enjoy on a lovely spring day in sunny Florida. go


Entertainment Scene

Dining Experience
I think the Japanese food is my favorite of all. go

Where to stay for City Walk
Let me know if you want to go and I will make the reservation. go

Secret Spots to Meet Characters
Entertaining is the way everyone that becomes a cast member behaves. go

Neatest Disney Soccer Games
If you get hot and make a lot of these goals in a row you could be the best person that has performed so far and they will give you something. go

Very good Live Event Show
There's something good about the british food that always makes it extra tasty and maybe it's the seasoning. go

Which restaurant is best at Millenia Mall
Music is everywhere and that really helps out when you are walking around checking out the shops. go

Room for Booking
You can expect to have a busy day and a great evening, plus the bedding was super soft and cozy. go

Daily Entertainment Options

Of all the trips we've taken down here to Orlando, I think we had the best time when we stayed at the Boardwalk Inn resort. The key to having a good time is being at a location where you can drink and not drive your car. They have lots of bars close by even the wonderful ESPN Club which makes fantastic nachos and the salmon blt sandwich. It is a pleasure to have a balcony, which is where we would go sit and strategize the daily entertainment options. We went to downtown Orlando one day and a little bit of touring down there, but most of the action is in Lake Buena Vista, which is where the Disney World hotels are located. International Drive is a great thing to do and they have a bus system to help you out to get around. Bicycles are a good thing no matter where you're staying in the city. Even though there's heavy traffic, sidewalks are here for you and bicycles are legal to ride on the sidewalk at all times, just slow down a little bit when there's somebody walking or go around them in the grass.

Romeo T.

Happy Times

That's great Florida Travel Commander. I'm glad I am helping with the no Orlando tapandgrind.com beer bar diet. I do love the bullandbushorlando.com and are going again next weekend. The Lion King kitty sure wanted to stay out this morning when I left. It makes me fell a little bad to leave the kitty. When I come down in two weeks to finish up the patio, I will stay a little later so you can have some outside time! He loves the November weather in Florida.

Kelly W.