Orlando Restaurant Dining Covers every Possible Food Style

Dinner and Cocktails
We are lucky to have this restaurant in Orlando now and another one to pick from, because we like to try a bit of everything. go

Eating Out in Orlando
The restaurant is situated right next to the lake where all the Disney boats go back and forth, plus people can rent things from the marina. go

A Wild Place to Eat
Everything is really tasty from what we tried, they seem to use a lot of herbs, spices, and creole sauce to fire up the flavor. go

Draft Beer Cafe
This restaurant is right on International Drive in the heart of the action not too far from sea world Orlando. go

Good Things to Eat
They have super quick service most of the time, except when the place is jamb packed. go

Double Burger
Cooks at the restaurant are really good with burgers and they have a whole different list of them these days. go

Super for the Live Music Tunes
I can't wait to hear some live blues music! go

Coffee Brews
Everybody's trying to be super green, and the special seasons are something to be cherished. go


Fresh Seafood Searching

Yacht Club's Crew's Cup Lounge
With a variety of entertainers, the atmosphere is always exciting, with carnival sights and ragtime sounds sure to delight everyone. go

Walking Distance Hotel for Universal Studios
Ok, I found a great rate on the Double Tree near Universal, so we can go to City Walk after we go to Winter Park. go

Fully Dedicated to Walt
Go on a magical exploration of the enchanted world of Mr Walt Disney. go

Big Thrills
A family and children's favorite, twist and turn in a tumult of fun as you launch into the inky blackness of deep-deep space. go

Enjoy this Marvel of a Ride
If you don't like going superfast or being dropped like a rock in an elevator, you're gonna miss out on some of the best things there is to do. go

Disney Parking Tram Drop-Off
Over in the Magic Kingdom, you'll always have people in front of Cinderella Castle, as that is the perfect backdrop for that particular park. go

Fabulous Places to Stay in Orlando
We spent mega time in the really large swimming pools. go

Salads are on the Menu

Pretty much the perfect restaurant for a family, that is here on vacation in Orlando, is the ESPN Club. This is the restaurant that's very close to the Epcot World Showcase. There are five major sized hotels in the area, and they all filter their customers down to this wonderful establishment. Of course there's a lot of different places to eat in the area including inside the theme parks, so don't think that you can't easily get a table when you stop in to check it out. They actually have decent prices for beers, which is even better during happy hours. The boneless wings are about as good as you're going to ever find and reasonably healthy. Salads are on the menu for the people that are looking for something creatively tasty and healthy at the same time. I would Highly Recommend the blue cheese and walnuts salad or the barbecue beef grilled salad, which is loaded with veggies and the flavor of the beef just flavors all throughout to make every bite so meaningful.

Shayne Q.

Food Flavors

Our family came away extremely impressed with the oriental food that you can get over at the Epcot theme park in the China showcase. There's a bunch of good oriental places like chengchineseorlando.com to eat in town if you are out and about and are looking for a great meal. I think the values are a lot better in Orlando for eating and my favorite is the Thai Chicken and Noodles. I got the recipe at the nine dragons restaurant, as they give it out when you order it off the menu.

Here are the ingredients that will make up this wonderful Thai Chicken and Noodles dish. Two garlic cloves, minced. Three tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce. One tablespoon roasted peanut oil. Two cups fresh bean sprouts. One cup sliced green onions. Two teaspoons anchovy paste. Two teaspoons sugar. One-half cup fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth. Two cups shredded cooked chicken breast. Three cups snow peas, trimmed and diagonally cut into thirds. One-quarter cup chili garlic sauce. Two tablespoons chopped unsalted dry roasted peanuts. One-quarter pound uncooked rice sticks or rice flour noodles. Cook it up in a wok and you are ready to feast!

Melissa E.