Our stay in a disney resort was outstanding

Disney Style South Seas Resort
Do not forget where to go shopping near Disney, as the mall millennia is close. go

We Picked Caribbean Beach
Once you stay at one or two of the resorts around the Disney properties, you will be hooked. go

Swimming Pool
This is our bargain pick to pass on to the community. go

Swimming Pool
They actually use golf carts to shuttle people around and show you where your vacation accommodations are located at. go

Grounds are Absolutely Stunning
Bringing or renting bikes make the resort a lot of fun to explore. go

Swimming Pool
Enjoy two table service restaurants, artist point and whispering canyon cafe with full strength bar cocktails. go

Mousekeeping is Awesome
This is my absolute favorite Orlando Theme Park vacation resort. go

Doubloon Lagoon
They keep the temperature about 84 degrees in the summer time, just the perfect temperature to cool you off a little bit but without worrying about it being too cold, which is what happens when it's about 78 degrees. go


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Interactivity with Children really Shines
You don't just come over here for Minnie Mouse as they have all the characters that you would want to see like Buzz Lightyear. go

Go when the Lines are Lower
The locker system works good. go

The Fast Water Park Rides are Great
Yes, this is Orlando's Largest Wave Pools. go

A Superior Place to Stay
I would not get all caught up in the location of your room. go

The Big Disney Orlando Zoo Ride
So fun is the whole dancing routine. go

Cinderella Castle Photograph
You and your sweetheart will enjoy a little pixie dust to start or to rekindle the romance. go

Very good Live Event Show
The showcase cast members will give you extra advice and unpublished times of the event times. go


Daily Rentals

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It was a pleasure to come here and have a good time, Orlando rocks for fun. I was so impressed with Citywalk, as I knew already that Epcot was my favorite place of all. You can expect to have the most good times if you're close to the theme parks and don't have to do a lot of driving. I really think that the Disney value resorts like Art of Animation are just about as good as anything. Once you get to four adults, then you need to look at something a little larger, which probably means you need to look at the one-bedroom villa type properties. You can do daily rentals of the villas, not just weekly. They have one-bedroom and two bedrooms available and the prices are darn good. If you are just a couple, or two people coming together on a trip to Orlando, the Orlando best is a Disney hotel. The vibe all around the property is just amazing because everybody's happy. We like being around children, the laughter and excitement is what this town is all about. We always want a really big Swimming Pool.

Wilda J.