Planning for a nice weather day helps keep the smiles on

Tranquilo Golf Club
What a great course design and tranquil setting. go

Fun on International Drive
I don't want to do that golf at Citywalk because when I'm at Citywalk there's more things to do that are far greater than miniature golf. go

Orlando Travel Planning
Ask about current discounts to each of the parks. go

Pangani Forest Trail
Do not rush to only focus on the rides. go

Universal Parking
I don't know the fancy name for all the sidewalk technology, but this thing will get you up there quickly and before you know it you will be ready for the best of the day fun times. go

Gearing up for the Orlando Trip
Use your maps, and see the locations on Google Maps. go

Great for Sure
The recent trip to Disney Orlando was the best ever. go

Screams and Laughter
This is the land of shamu the whale and he is something to see. go


Just the Best Places

Entertaining for Small Kids
Very fun for kids under ten is the Magic Kingdom Park. go

Spaghetti with Beef Meatballs
I would advise sitting inside the restaurant unless it's ridiculously hot and you need to chill out for a little while to get cool and refreshed. go

Sub Shop With Pre-Made Salads
There is one in our town. go

Picture Spot
Because nearly everyone has electronic ticket information, the lines go fast getting into the front gate. go

Kids will really enjoy Fast Paced Action
Try to bring as little as possible inside so you do not have to worry about maintaining it. go

Swimming Pool
The resort is strategically located for quick access to all of the Disney attractions, with monorail and ferryboat access. go

The Incredible Hulk is the Best Coaster Ride
I would go early, as it is a late arriving crowd. go


Recommend to Everyone

Just the Best Places

I would recommend to everyone that they for sure go to the Animal Kingdom Park. This is my favorite of all the theme parks in Orlando, as it is more than just the animals. The Festival of the Lion King performance is something that is just beyond belief. The music and amazing talent put on the stage at the same time is something that everybody will appreciate. Anything that has a trampoline involved is my kind of show. On the trampoline are these critters called tumble monkeys, and they do fly up and down and around faster than you've ever seen. The whole show is amazing because of the colors, costumes, feathers and even fullhead dresses, even better than what you'd see on Duval Street Key West in October at Fantasy Fest! The circle of life is my favorite song of all time.

Darin B.