Price is a Big Key for us when Were staying in Orlando

Celebrate the Magic of Music
I was very impressed with the quality of choices when booking an Orlando hotel. go

Highly Recommend
It's upscale if you want that type a think as they have room service and the spot treatment, but we just wanted the ability to take advantage of the walking path right over to the Theme Parks each day. go

Florida Resident Discounts
Unlike most Springhill Suites, this one has a wonderful pool. go

The Rooms are Great
We did online check in so there wasn't a hassle at arrival! go

Four Great Nights in Orlando
Plan on having plenty of fun, as we really love Orlando and the options to do. go

Orlando Vacation Hotel Picking
My favorite resort is here, and it is the only one I stay when visiting Disney World. go

Two Nights
Make sure you look at the Portofino Bay Hotel as an option when looking at a very close comparable since it's right next door and owned by the same company. go

It has all the good service and big pool. go


Vacation Traveler

Gertie the Dinosaur
The Disney dining experience is a lot better than you will think and don't read all the negative feedback about the prices because it's not that bad. go

Kids Playground
I like the Key West Resort a lot, so we have stayed here twice now. go

New Orleans at Disney
The fun and interesting hotels at Disney makes the vacation even better. go

Theme Park for Adults
Our family loved the simpsons ride, rip ride rocket, and Shrek four dimensional, as our top picks for the day. go

Indoor Recreation
Make sure all the kids have a meeting spot. go

Boat Dock
It was 66 dollars, plus I will need to get that folding mattress mat. go

Do not Miss It
Hee Haw made it to the Disney World Theme Park and the country's chief executives are the bears as the stars. go


Perfect Rental Property

Vacation Traveler

Finding the perfect rental property is a pretty tough task when you're coming down to Mickey Mouse world. You can rent one of these vacation homes in the Orlando area, just make sure you understand the location. Traffic is a big deal and if you're in the wrong spot, you might have some extra trouble getting around. There are plenty of property management companies available for you to use, and most of them will put videos of their rental property so you have a pretty good idea of what you're getting. If you go to rent something from a private person, make sure they have a current video that goes through every inch of the house inside and out. Luxury homes are a big deal, and a lot of people want something really big for large families. The Boardwalk Inn resort has some really nice one or two-bedroom villa units. These will not be as big as a vacation rental home, but you're so close everything and will have a better time.

Elvin N.