Renting a room near disney world is a great idea

Cheap Hotels near Disney
Very special is this upbeat and creative Disney hotel. go

Busy and Modern Fun Resort
Yes, it allows a child from three to eleven years old to eat free at zillions of Orlando Area Restaurants. go

Have it all with one Hotel
Expect the wait and ride over at about ten minutes to the magic kingdom. go

Calypso Building
No swimming pool slides, is something we can live without. go

Overnight with Lots to Do
Question: where are the Disney tennis courts? go

Tips for Orlando Hotel Reservation Booking
For bike rentals go to Old Key West, Boardwalk Inn, Port Orleans Riverside, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, Saratoga Springs, Coronado Springs, and Caribbean Beach Resort. go

Rooms with a View
We actually snuck our kitty cat in this particular room, because he is not a Lion King kitty and does not meow. go

Orlando is the best Vacation City
This is an excellent hotel if you are a sports coach, an athlete, or even a spectator or fan. go


Two Day Rental

Doing the Triple Mountain Whammy
A triple mountain whammy is the big three: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain! go

What our Kids Loved
They really know how to pack the full list of activities. go

When to go for Low Lines
When you need to relax, just lounge on the white sand beaches, with beach chairs. go

Gertie the Dinosaur
The Disney dining experience is a lot better than you will think and don't read all the negative feedback about the prices because it's not that bad. go

Vacation Hotel
We were very happy with All-Star Sports desk services, that are great with suggestions to do. go

Get Poolside Bar Mango Rita
Get poolside Mango Rita with fresh Mango, cuervo gold, gran gala, lime juice and a topper splash of orange juice. go

Summer Specials in Orlando
I love the way they keep the water just at the right temperature relative to the outside air temperature at the time of year. go


Pick out a Place in Orlando

Two Day Rental

If it takes you more than a week to pick out a place in Orlando, you probably spent too long. Because there are so many hotels to choose from, it can become an un-daunting experience to try to pick just one. I would tell you this, if you've never been to Disney before, go with the Disney resort because you will have the most fun there. For those that are looking for the budget places, they do have that at Disney, so try something like All-Star Sports Resort. If the price tag is still little bit too high for you, then you need to go and look at the area not too far from the theme parks. The best thing is to go on google and search for: hotels near disney. You also might want to search using the keywords: hotels near Lake Buena Vista. Try a couple different variations of the searches. Perhaps using the keywords: value Hotels near Disney. Once you try a few different things you'll come up with a different listing each time. It should only take an hour or two just to decide on something and then you need to investigate it a little further by looking at some of the videos that show off the hotel property.

Lauren K.