Splash Time for the Resort Discounts

Orlando Beach Hotel is a Dream Stay
So we love to gear up for an affordable beach getaway to Orlando, even in the winter months! go

Easy Hotel to Review and Love
If you have children with you during your Disney vacation, make sure to take full advantage of the AAA Member program called Kids Eat Free Card. go

Swimming Pool
A lot of people go between Tampa and Daytona Beach and that's exactly where Orlando splits. go

Hotel Reviews
What a big step up from the https://www.motel6.com/default.aspx Motel Six experience, since you get amenities galore! go

Fun Place to Stay
It is a lot of fun and you don't have to be a good basketball player or tall to enjoy tossing one of these plastic soft balls that are meant to be in the water and they're not heavy like a real basketball. go

Disney Orlando Vacation
The first thing you need to do after you check-in is go out on the big slide. go

Cheap and Clean
Swimming is a good workout, plus the views around the hotel ground. go

Lakeside Hotel
My preference is not to do theme parks on back to back days rather split up. go


Comforts of Home

Fantastic for the Family
I have to rave over the wonderful time staying at Disney. go

Sky High Mountain Ride
Do not let the rains ruin your theme park visit, as an hour later it will be beautiful out again. go

Be sure to have your Video Camera
Kids love a pep rally, especially by the cool cast of High School Musical. go

Making a Day Trip to Disney
Orlando blows away everything for children's fun, especially the Disney Theme and Waterparks. go

Not Scary
All of the new rides at Disney are fantastic, and Soarin is super with the video effects. go

Must see Disney Entertainer
One cool thing is the methods that the management team uses reducing the lines or providing more entertainment. go

The Waterparks are just too entertaining at Disney
This is one sports park that we always tell everybody to attend. go

Gorgeous are the Rooms

Thanks for the suggestions of matching some of the Disney Hotel Room and kitchen design. Disney does a lot of fancy tile, which should be first. Well, as long as putting in the sink won't affect the counter. That's the only thing. And you need to coordinate the sink and faucet so that it matches with the counter. There are many sink colors to choose so you should at least have an idea of what you are going to do with the counter. We took photos of or room at the Beach Club and doing the kitchen and sink similar.

Lou I.

Getting Pumped for Orlando Vacation Pleasures

You are so understanding and knowledgeable about Disney trips. The weather is number one. Since I can come to visit anytime Monday to Friday, it just makes the best logic for a Disney photographer to want good weather. Especially for me, since my schedule is so flexible, the weather should be number one. For you, the three day weekends are key, not the weather. With good productive weather, then I can stay and play for three nights at the resorts! Lion King kitty will be wore out, but that is a good thing. I will do something on my own when you are working. Spring forward time change is right around the corner!

Jarrod B.