Some of the favorite things to do at Disney has to be music focused

Wonderful Creatures
Be sure to go early to this Disney Theme Park, as it is the first one to close because of the animals. go

Music Amphitheater
You don't have to pay any extra money which is nice, just enjoy the music. go

Sitting on the Front Row
Going to one of these special Stage Show Events is a whole different level of entertainment as compared to the roller coasters. go

Very Good Entertainment Value
They sing, have acts on the streets, great parades, character greetings, fire works, food tastings, and more. go

Walt Disney
In the Orlando Studios, they have an area fully dedicated to Walt and the team of folks that started this grand tradition. go

Really good Beer Bar Food
You will love this zone, plus do not miss the funnel cake spots. go

Great Cast Members at the Theme Parks
It actually goes pretty quick, a creative performance and a sure thing with small children. go

Of all the challenges between the different kinds of rides that you can do at the Theme Parks, this is totally different. go


Get the Thrill

A Big Party every Day
You have to give this Orlando hotel our highest rating, as we have never had a better time or experience in any of the other Orlando area hotels that we had stayed for. go

Disney Orlando Vacation
Start or end the day with no lines at the parks. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
We will definitely stay here again now that we know the prices are so sweet for what you get. go

Coronado Springs Swimming Pool
Of course the swimming pools are heated and maintain to a nice temperature so that everybody is happy even your stomach when it hits the water. go

Voted Disney's Best Resort Location
You might as well call this the Beach Club Water Park, and boy does everyone have fun here. go

Staying Close to the Theme Parks
We had fun and got to take advantage of the Magic Kingdom Park extending hours by one hour. go

South Seas Hotel
Do not forget where to go shopping near Disney, as the mall millennia is close. go


You have to See

Get the Thrill

If you can try to get all the events in during your trip, you will come away more happy. Each of the theme parks has special show times for different things that you have to see. We love the music and dancing style of entertainment. I love the festival of fantasy parade over at the Magic Kingdom. I think that particular Theme Park has always had the best street parades. I think they put more money into that park because it's huge and the showpiece of Walt Disney. At night they have the Main Street electrical parade, which is good because it's nighttime and they have two shows in the summer. Catch the nighttime parade at nine pm or eleven pm. In between the electrical parades is the nighttime spectacular, the fireworks show. It was impressive to see the fireworks from the Fort Wilderness Resort beach. We got the opportunity to stay with a couple of friends of ours that have a big rv travel trailer. If you ever get a chance to go camping in Orlando, Fort Wilderness is the place to go.

Anita L.