Spring is a great time to visit Orlando

Pick this during a Disney Vacation
Fine place. go

Swimming Pool Area is Amazing
Here they treat the American Southwest with so much class, and it is right in Orlando! go

Lakeside Hotel
My preference is not to do theme parks on back to back days rather split up. go

Easy Hotel to Review and Love
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

Resort Winners
The james garner movie titled support your local sheriff is fantastic and funny. go

Enjoying the Beach Club Waterpark
Set lakeside right next to Epcot Park is this dynamic pool zone that just goes on and on forever. go

Circus Pool
Give it my vote for the best location is the Epcot Area Hotels. go

Perfect for all Families
Be active and playful after your Disney theme park day. go


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Sassagoula River Boat Marina
We would end up going in and out of Boatwrights Dining Hall to do the refills on the souvenir beverage cups all day long. go

Set up to Fire You Up
The music and parades make the magic shine bright, but it is the big drops on the roller coasters that put the widest smiles on your face. go

Best with Kids at Disney
The Disney Sword Training Academy is where you child can get on stage and be part of the show. go

Parade Show
It is a super hoot, full of fun and the once upon a Christmas time parade! go

Sky High Mountain Ride
The lines get really short in the summertime when there is a late afternoon storm. go

Shows in a Theater
Hollywood Studios On Stage Live is a winner to see with new daily shows. go

Small Town German Village
We do go to Future World for the educational shows and interactive experiences, but less often. go


Hotels close to Disney

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Everybody realizes that is absolutely hard to trust anybody that writes a review on the web. A lot of websites that are meant to be travel review types just make things up. I hear a lot about the hotel staff writing comments about their own hotel, so that they can get a raise. There's a lot of fraud on the websites, and a lot of misinformation. You need to trust certain websites over others. If people are overly positive, be skeptical. Whenever you read a review of folks that are saying only negative things and stack negative on top of negative, I wouldn't believe it. There is a good reason why Walt Disney World has a no pet policy. They want to make sure that human beings are really happy, and everybody should have a good time. I love the way they have a refrigerator and all the rooms even the value resorts like Art of Animation Resort. At least you know what you're getting, there is no fraud actually they throw in all sorts of freebies like the Extra Magic Hours.

Lourdes N.