Staying at a Disney Hotel comes with many Transportation Benefits

Fun Places to Smile in Orlando
The water parks a great because you don't wait in lines for much time at all. go

Music is the key to Big Smiles at Disney World
You just have to love the live entrainment that has a singing component, sort of like the movie stars. go

Mickey Mouse on Stage
The key to it all is understanding the daily events schedule which is something you can halfway memorize the day before. go

Excellent Scenery on the Lakefront
There are plenty of good restaurants to go in and eat while you're waiting out a storm, and you know the chinese food is about as good as it gets. go

Set up to Fire You Up
Because Disney has the most money in the corporate war chest, you get the fastest and best rides. go

Rides and Shows you have to see at Disney
They have it all, vultures, hawks, eagles, and more. go

All about the Stars and Strips
We love the real american bbq, and get some on each visit to Epcot Orlando. go

Soccer Ball
I love that, the extra things that are unexpected. go


Research the Theme Parks

Swimming Pool
You can't go wrong here if you are a family with children because the kids will have plenty to do all day and they even have a game room plus all kinds of different children's activities throughout the day that your kids can participate. go

Lakefront Hotel
Better than the TV Video, it is top notch here. go

Magnolia Golf Course Vacation Resort
Enjoy the coolest 18-hole championship golf course which is located conveniently for you to use, right next to the hotel. go

Enjoying the Beach Club Waterpark
Only Disney Orlando could come up with such neat splashable play, perfect for all ages. go

Our Excellent Hotel Selection
Accommodations are located in three-story buildings at most of the value resorts. go

Taking Advantage of Bikini Season
One night we went to bonsai sushi and another night to the little Saigon restaurant. go

Best of Amenities
Very good was the NYPD pizza restaurant. go

Really Neat Things

One of the really neat things that a lot of people don't pay attention to are the costumes used during the performances. We are all used to seeing Winnie the Pooh and Goofy Dog, and their costumes are very nice. The things that they have for instance during Finding Nemo the Musical and the Festival of the Lion King are just amazing. What makes the shows so good is the singing and music, but we really pay attention to all the outfits. The creativity is just overflowing because they have the big budget and the moviemaking skills, that's where pixar came in really handy with toy story the movie. We think the Best Shows are at Hollywood Studios park and Animal Kingdom. You get all the good food over there at Epcot showcase, plus the wine and beer. The Magic Kingdom is good for the first-time visitor and those with the smaller children.

Louie Q.

Keep the Smiles On

It is getting closer to disney vacation travel time and that means you need to look at the ten day weather forecast see can start planning your events. The weather dictates at everything of what you're gonna do because a person obviously is not going to go to Typhoon Lagoon or something like that if it's not sunny and nice and fun to do swimming activities.

In December it's a factor if you are going to go to the theme parks because spending a day outdoors meat you want good weather. I would definitely go on google and do a search for the ten day Orlando weather forecast and pick one of the local tv stations that are showing on the google listings. Make sure you look at the extended forecast not just the next couple of days because you will be there yet!

Allan C.