The hotel food courts are super for the breakfast menu

Happy with a Really Nice Orlando Vacation
Good rooms and service, plenty clean. go

Walking Pathways
Checking in to Disney is a breeze with the booking confirmation and registration streamlined process. go

Condo Style
The inside court rooms on the first floor has a rear patio to enjoy. go

Doing it right with Disney Rooms
Thank you. go

Orlando Camping Winner
Kids are happy here, and I mean big time. go

Nice Atmosphere for Everyone
Taking the bus works fine, it comes around every 15 minutes or so. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
This is the spot for us, we are junkies in search of the fastest and scariest rides but need to keep the budget. go

Summer is the Hotel deal Time
This one is not a cheap one, but not over the top with the hotel price point either. go


Where you Stay

Entertaining for Small Kids
I think I've have some of the best photographs of my life and it all happened here with the colorful backgrounds and the big smiles on the faces. go

The Space Mountain Attraction
What to do first at Disney World, the Magic Kingdom for sure. go

Big Smiles
ANSWER: Animal lovers have no problem trying to figure out what to do with the kids this weekend, as Animal Kingdom is awesome! go

High School Kids
We came down for the art festival weekend and so much enjoyed everything about the area. go

Staying near the Theme Parks
You will like this place. go

Art on Display
This is a great area for cocktails, art, and dining. go

Best with Kids at Disney
You just wave your arms and they will help your child get involved. go


Room Rates

Where you Stay

It sure was a pleasure to come here and take advantage of the Epcot Easter celebrations. All of the theme parks do something special for the springtime, but Epcot has the Wine Festival. We love the music at the bandstand, which is the United States showcase. Everywhere all around the property there is wine drinking and egg hunting. That is one of the reasons we like to book a hotel such as the Swan Resort. We can leave the automobile parked in the parking lot, and we can walk into Epcot. There is a back entrance that a lot of people do not realize to go into Epcot for all the people staying in the Epcot resort area. There are a total of five resorts over all in this little pocket of fun life! Pick between the Dolphin Resort, which is right next to the Swan Resort, Boardwalk Inn resort, Yacht Club Resort, and the Beach Club Hotel. If your budget can handle the room rates, this is the place for a vacation package. Every once in a while you can really get a deal on a Disney place, for instance the summer when they have their clearance sale.

Danilo F.