The Magic Kingdom does a very good job of capping the evening

Family Vacation Hotels
Rooms are fully-equipped with kitchens, clothing washers, microwaves, and living rooms. go

Camping Land with Children
Another option are the very comfortable rustic-style cabins, surrounded by serene forest. go

Going Cheap and Saving at Disney
It is our best pick of the year, as the entertainment at Disney really picks up steam during any of the holiday celebrations. go

Shopping near Disney
This is right up there with the other outlet malls over there near Lake Buena Vista. go

Pay Tribute to Past
We like to fun stuff in the rides, but there's a lot in the history of Disney and America mixed in. go

Wildcat Cheerleader Dance Show
I guess you can tell that we had a sweet time. go

Special Places for Families at the Theme Parks
We have two kids, one for and six, big smiles here and you may be here for a while. go

Live Events
The comedy cast members just pop out of no where to entertain the crowds. go


Many Things to Do

Cool Place to Stay
What a cool place to stay for a nice little vacation in Orlando. go

Splashable Reasons to Stay
Get a package deal that includes overnight accommodations and tickets to the park event. go

Beach Hotel
The fancy pools were a charm to play in. go

Hotels for Location
You are here within the vicinity of the Magic Kingdom. go

Key West Resort Swimming Pool
That's a good way to bring up a nice map and give you good options for selection. go

Poolside Cocktails at the Disney Pools
Just how cool is that! go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
This is the spot for us, we are junkies in search of the fastest and scariest rides but need to keep the budget. go


Volunteering at Disney Orlando

Many Things to Do

The cast member team of managers is always coming up with neat stuff. I took advantage of the Disney theme park free day a while back for the volunteering. That was a nice concept, volunteering at Disney Orlando.

Cruz C.