The rewards of vacationing in Orlando are big time

Must Do
It's really impressive how they have everything spread out nicely and because of all the trees, you get a lot of shade so even in the summertime it's not too bad. go

Scary Mount Everest Rollercoaster
Sip exotic tea as you make your way through maharajah jungle trek, and view tigers and bats and other creatures of the wild. go

Pony Rides
The people running the farm focus on the safety of both the guests and animals, so you cannot screw this up. go

More Fun for Less Money
For good and cheap food try Josies Pizza and the Chicken Now Restaurant. go

Fantastic Outdoor Sports Activity
You will walk through a labyrinth of foliage, and encounter a pirate or two, as you make your way along the golf course. go

Orlando Florida Top Things
Any order would do, but these are listed in the order for families. go

We Loved the Marine Park
Now they have beach area, snorkel zones, and more interaction with marine life than ever. go

Zany Group of Colorful Cartoon Stars
Just be ready at all times, they just pop out all the time. go


Opportunities to See

Classic Irish Shepard's Pie
They feature a whole bunch of these zany events which are outrageous for the cheap beer prices and dancing. go

This Place Shines for Entertainment
Give it a top rating. go

Close to Everything Universal
If you want to pop back to the hotel room for a drink, sandwich, or cocktail is too convenient. go

The spot to go for Orlando Smiles
Get your questions answered, and pick up a zillion different types of pamphlets and things to do. go

Indulge in International Shopping
The variety is something extra special, and you really don't know what to expect because they change things each day. go

Moe's Southwest Grill Menu Ingredients
This is definitely my pick for casual dining for a family with kids. go

Lots of events and happenings nearby
Easy walk over to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. go

A Fabulous Vacation Destination

One of the key features that makes Orlando such a fabulous vacation destination is the prices of The Hotel Rooms. Most people will just talk about the great attractions and things to do, and this town is a loaded with the best activities for families. What makes it great is you can come here for a darn good price. I think everything is centered around the fact that Disney World from way back when has offered really Cheap Hotel rooms in their Value Resort line of offerings. Most people start their hotel planning with looking at the different properties that are available around Disney, and that is a super cheap area to stay in. It filters over to the entire city and look at the discounts you can get for the restaurants and the attractions in the tourist magazines. This city and county is all about deals and dealmaking, make sure you play the game correctly to keep some extra money in your pocket!

Elvin Y.

Amazing Places

I am a big fan of the Epcot showcase world of restaurants. It is amazing to be able to go to this place and try the food that they are able to put out which is much better than most of the places in town. Eating at the China Showcase cafe kind of reminds me of the restaurant up in Altamonte Springs which is north of Orlando about ten minutes or so. The one thing you can get if you are not at the Disney Restaurants is to eat at one of the sushi buffets, so you can really get a lot of food for your value.

I think eating authentic oriental food is right up there with the best things you can do in a day and then you can have one of those Japanese beers over in the Japan showcase. The presentation of the food is magnificent and a big part of why it is more of an experience to eat at one of the Epcot restaurants.

I can't say enough good things about all the food even places like the value resorts have the Food Court which is darn good and they have the refillable mugs. We definitely enjoyed staying at the All-Star Sports Resort and would stay there again in a moment.

Cherry D.