They Built Something really Special in Orlando and Its the Fancy Hotels

Highly Recommend
Both would be excellent choices so it just depends on what you've done the last time because you want to mix it up and stay at different places when you're in this town. go

The Rooms are Great
The staff was super friendly, and housekeeping was great! go

Affordable Disney Hotel
It is the perfect hotel with kids in Orlando. go

Close to Everything Universal
It is a winner, this is a huge addition to the Orlando travel scene. go

Four Great Nights in Orlando
Each day there's something different, and there are so many good places to eat in the area. go

The Epcot Area Resorts
With the younger kids the Orlando Sports Resort is prime and super cheap if two adults are splitting the bill. go

Orlando Vacation Hotel Picking
They have a very cool solarium where you can enjoy a meal or snack or if you just want to relax. go

Florida Resident Discounts
Go to a different Theme Park each day to have an unforgettable Orlando getaway. go


Villa Style Vacation

Restaurants for Families
When you're doing all the walking around Disney all day, eventually you have to have a big filling meal. go

Shows in a Theater
You will see some shows in a theater in the round like the Lion King, which was a big winner with our kids. go

Soccer Ball
What an ESPN Weekend it will be, so arrive and strategize early. go

Shrimp House
Shrimp and sausage goes really good together and then what about if you add in blackened chicken plus onions, bell peppers, rice, and some super good sauce on top. go

Brew Pub
You might want to try sex on the peaks which is vodka, cranberry, and fresh squeezed orange juice mixed together. go

Best with Kids at Disney
Disney lets your children get involved in a lot of the on stage events so just be ready. go

Orlando Area Resort and Golf Destination
The indoor theme park is another one we like if it's rainy and they have that fantastic bowling alley over there at Disney Springs that you must try. go


Pick your Room

Villa Style Vacation

Picking your room in Orlando is a little more difficult, because you have lots of choices. I think it's a good idea to search on google for Cheap Hotels near Disney. Once you figure out what the lowest decent hotel price is, then you can work your way up from there. Because this town is ultra competitive for the tourist dollar, hotel discounts are endless. If you sign up for any of the hotel newsletters, they will continually send you discount offers to stay with them when you are here in Orlando. The Chamber is really good, they have an office on International Drive which is convenient for most people. Don't forget about all the privileges that they add on to the hotel experience when you stay at a place such as Port Orleans Riverside Resort. I so much like the Disney bus system, so we never have to drive the automobiles. It is a pleasure to get driven around on a Monorail or by the boat taxis.

Carolina R.