They do it right at orlando hotels with all the splash play

Hotels with the Benefits
This is the hotel near Disney World Orlando that we love the best. go

Surfs Up
It's a time to kick back and enjoy the little things in life that make your Disney vacation so extra, extra special. go

Value Hotel
I zoomed in using google maps and there is a wing house bar right next to the hotel. go

Take the Orlando Hotel Discount Packages
Loved this Location. go

Resort Built around a Zoo
Go for the high up room at check in, so you have the best zoo views. go

RV Resort
It only takes a shower or two to cross the path of your campsite for things to be pretty soggy and miserable, nothing like if you stay in rv travel trailer. go

Hidden Music Playing Speakers
The hotel is prime with nicely themed pools and rooms. go

All-Star Movies Food Court
I did laugh a little bit when I looked at the kids menu and you can order a hamburger which comes with carrot sticks and grapes, not french fries. go


Local Reservation Planning

These are kids really, may be in the range of eight years old to thirteen years old. go

Hotels to discover even greater savings
Your children will love the slide and adults take advantage of fun, food, and drinks served poolside. go

Hollywood Hills Amphitheater
Come with your best attitude and the day will be better than ever. go

Places we like in Orlando
The place is an event all on its own to go too. go

We Love Orlando
However, you need to checkout our list of stuff to do. go

Restaurants for Families
I thought it was quite impressive, the menu of good food selections. go

Bar of Ireland
They feature a whole bunch of these zany events which are outrageous for the cheap beer prices and dancing. go


Super nice to Stay

Local Reservation Planning

Super nice to stay are these mid-level resorts at Disney that are on the Boat Taxi line. Not all of the hotels have boat taxi so make sure you check out which ones that do, for instance Port Orleans Riverside Resort and Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. These hotels sit side-by-side, and another good option is the Wilderness Lodge Resort. These particular hotels just fit the whole theme of having a riverboat ride that leads from the dock. What we like most about the Port Orleans Riverside was the muddy rivers pool bar, which sits right next to the main Swimming Pool, old Man Island. It's a pleasure to have any alcohol cocktail or cold beer, plus sandwiches and other light snacks, without leaving the hotel. If you have children they'll be nothing better than the rapid filled beverage mugs, so the kids can refill their juices and sodas all day long.

Garland T.