This is a super place with rooms for five guests or more

Port Orleans
It has the entertainment offerings of a deluxe resort for the price tag of a moderate resort. go

Swimming Pool
The key is to boat taxi that takes you over to the Disney Springs shopping and restaurant area, or the Theme Parks. go

Our Excellent Hotel Selection
Accommodations are located in three-story buildings at most of the value resorts. go

Winner with Children staying at Disney Orlando
The star tour ride returns to the starting position, and you launch! go

Disney Style South Seas Resort
Everything is very tropical and it seems like they could call this one over here the Key West Resort, and the beach is wonderful. go

Swimming Pool
Taking the bus works fine, it comes around every 15 minutes or so. go

Coronado Springs Swimming Pool
How the Moderate Priced Disney Hotels Stack up, the Answer is excellent. go

Camping Winner for Central Florida
I love the bicycle and golf cart rental program right at the campground. go


Travel Friendly

Take lots of Video for after the Trip
Remember, the Magic Kingdom is much more younger child focused, as compared to the other Orlando area theme parks. go

Excellent Scenery on the Lakefront
It was very rainy today in Orlando. go

Better than the Disney Movie
Hitting the Town in Orlando now means moving here for a year to do it all. go

Making a Day Trip to Disney
Our travels around the state of Florida are excellent, and we go somewhere each month. go

Not Scary
Thanks for the International Drive ideas, I put some lettuce on my burger and loved the view. go

Shows in a Theater
The large theaters are big, but not too big so that you have a good view everywhere. go

Disney Characters your Children Love
There are lots of times when the interaction gets kids super happy, like the philharmonic show. go


Your Disney Stay

Travel Friendly

I would like to make a few comments on the Monorail system and the general thought on transportation during your Disney stay. We've done this a bunch of times now and it is overrated to me for the cost involved to worry about being on the monorail line. It is extra easy and does make life a lot more interesting being so close to the action. For most people that are living on a budget, it's not a big deal to be in one of the cheaper disney hotels and it only takes five minutes in your car to get anywhere. There's not much traffic once you're on disney property itself with your automobile. Disney World has a wonderful gas station that's huge and right in the middle of everything, find it next to Hollywood Studios. When you stay at All-Star Sports Resort, the car sits only one minute from your hotel room. We all pile in and off we go and since were all laughing having a good time because of the vacation experiences, and it seems like seconds and we are their unloading. No bus waiting, and with a lot of money extra in the pockets for dining and other good things!

Josie G.