This Mickey Mouse Town is so nice for Family Trips

December Trip to Disney
Consider using the weather channel or one of these faraway places that does weather for everybody. go

Hotels just like a Home
Put this on your list if you are looking for an extended stay near the Disney Theme Parks. go

Hotels that make you smile in Orlando
We just love this location, it makes it easy to get more playtime. go

Staying Overnight
Always pick an entertaining hotel when booking Orlando room reservations. go

Rooms near Disney
The restaurant is so nice to have and always active and fun to walk into for a snack. go

Enjoyed Three Super Nights in Orlando
The outdoor pool area is enormous and even the indoor pool is a lot of fun. go

Hotels with the Benefits
Go ahead and book it, what a hoot of fun and free benefits. go

Using the Hotel Canoes
The resort pool was super clean for swimming pleasures. go


I Like Staying Here

Doing the Triple Mountain Whammy
We just cannot get enough of the big three coaster rides at the Magic Kingdom. go

Swimming Pool
This is the spot for us, we are junkies in search of the fastest and scariest rides but need to keep the budget. go

Perfect for all Families
The pools are just so neat and spectacular! go

Epcot Showcase on Tokyo
I like the mall at millennia but it doesn't compare to the international shopping opportunities that they have over here. go

The Spot for Drinking Alcohol
The restaurant there on the left is lakeside and one of the better places to get a Margarita and a chimichanga platter. go

Children's Orlando Educational Learning Zone
We were very impressed at the amount of learning that the children and adults will do during your day. go

Go up High
This thing is pretty neat just to look at up close and see how it was built. go


Staying in the Hotels

I Like Staying Here

The rooms might be small, but the prices are right when you go with something like the All-Star Movies resort. At least you know exactly what it's got to be like, because there are plenty of pictures and reviews from people that have been staying in the hotels for years. Disney keeps everything pretty, so you can expect a decent place. There are plenty of home rentals in the Orlando area, which is a pretty good option if you have a large group of people and want to be altogether. Splitting a group up into multiple rooms can be a bit troublesome, like having all the kids in one hotel room. We have to keep an eye on the kids, we don't want them to do anything that is not legal or inappropriate. It seems like kids get even more psyched up than ever when they come to the vacation to Orlando. If they were ever going to do something crazy or odd, it's probably good to be on your trip here. Once they get on Expedition Everest a couple of times they seemed to calm down!

Paige C.