Orlando is a Trip Winner for Florida

Big Smiles
Any suggestions for places around the area? go

Learn and Play Zone
Then we have lots of things to talk about as we review the notes when we are driving back to Clearwater Beach where we live. go

Bistro of Paris Cafe
At the same time you can watch impressions of france, a super giant panoramic movie film. go

Wonderful Creatures
Animal Kingdom is a great place to go. go

Big Theatrical and Animatronics Show
Just go over to the Epcot World Showcase where you get even more of an educational perspective just on a worldly basis. go

Minnie Mouse Kids Playground
Very fun for kids under ten is the Magic Kingdom Park. go

Very Good Entertainment Value
There is so much to do at Disney Orlando that doesn't involve waiting in any lines at the parks. go

Lego Dragon
Lots to see and do when touring Disney Springs. go


Daily Features

Polynesian Resort Luggage Drop Area
Being at a beach resort with huge pools is very nice to do. go

Doing it on an Orlando Budget
Hit the ground running after your shower, and miss no magic that way. go

The Coolest Hotels
Best of all is the poolside bar with beer to bubbly. go

Swimming Pool
Just how cool is that! go

Disney Travel Bookings
Yes, they all have some sort of arraignment and interconnection for deals and discounts that help each other. go

Exclusive Disney Waterfront Room Rentals
This hotel is excellent and I would recommend it to all families staying in Orlando. go

Take the Family Camping
Kick off the summer with a kid-friendly adventure at Disney! go

Budget Florida Vacation Success

I watch a bunch of those fishing shows on TV, and it would just be too fun to do that, just once. We finally are going to be able to swing a Florida summer vacation. If you have a few thoughts, that would be great. My wife does not know I am writing you, but she would not mind. For me, I was kind of excited to hit a place like Boca Grande for the fishing, shopping, and the golf cart lifestyle. My wife loves the water and beaches. The kids watch the Disney Network all the time, Kyle 6 and Lulu 4. We can only fly in to one spot, and we need to keep this down to a budget Florida vacation. My job, family commitments, and other reasons, have not let us make it down. We live in Tulsa, and are big Disney fans.

Osvaldo E.

Open Tonight at Disney

I love the old magic masters store at Downtown Disney, but they pulled the plug on that. Now my top pick is the candy store. They have so many candy flavors, plus the Disney flare!

Lavern S.