We got a room in the value hotel and loved it

Summer is the Hotel deal Time
It is a good example, as you go through the lobby you can first thing stick your feet in the water. go

Love the Resort Freebies
Because of the way the two properties are side-by-side and how massive they are with the sidewalk system, bicycle riding is really good here. go

Centrally located to the Theme Parks
You will do a lot of swimming and everyone will like it. go

Swimming Pool
Central Florida is good because you can buzz over and check out the Atlantic Ocean or head to the Gulf of Mexico by Clearwater Beach. go

Boat Taxi
The Bike Rentals are a no brainier when you stay in a tent, rv, or cabin at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. go

Mousekeeping is Awesome
I love the fact that if I take a notion to go watch illuminations blast-off-fireworks, all I have to do is walk a short distance with wine glass in hand. go

Port Orleans
Give this my top vote for an Orlando hotel for romance. go

Doing it right with Disney Rooms
Overnight adventures for kids in Orlando start here. go


Deluxe Guestrooms

Get Poolside Bar Mango Rita
Just so impressed with everything including the heated swimming pool, which is a big one. go

Disney in December
Our family likes to be close and the next trip are gonna stay at the Art of Animation Resort, because it is super much Disney themed. go

Primeval Whirl
Be sure to include Nemo in your itinerary, next to Dino Land. go

Phone Call
Perhaps maybe the Western Canada area is where I'm gonna go first because I love the Rocky Mountains. go

Live Events
The street show here is fantastic and a must see plus the food cafe. go

Main Lobby
The key to getting a fast Check-in at Disney is do all the online stuff first, long before you arrive. go

Daily Cowboy Rodeo Show
Even on the rides at the very end they take your photograph at some scary moment when you're probably panicking like on Splash Mountain. go


Looking for a Hotel in Orlando

Deluxe Guestrooms

Once you start looking for a hotel in Orlando, you will realize that this town is all about discounts. Normally when you're booking a hotel room, you don't see things like free dining! That's a good clue that this city is here to make a deal to get you to stay. They have plenty of hotels and condominiums style units to pick from. You will get the best deal if you stay for a week or more and do one of the condominiums or the villas that are close to the theme parks. It is nice to have a two bedroom villa so you can spread out a little bit and you have a full kitchen. Getting something special meaning to do have to do more, an extra amount of homework. We've got all kinds of good places to stay on the website and if it wasn't any good we would not have put it there. Once you figure out what place you're thinking about, for instance the Marriott World Center. I would go on google images and just search for the images for the Marriott World Center. Very quickly you can see hundreds of different images about the hotel, including the inside, bathrooms, swimming pools, and the common areas. You will know then whether it's clean and nice and well represented.

Kristina Z.