We like the all ages theme park playtime

Give this One Five Stars
If you want to go out to eat we like a couple of places a lot. go

Shows in a Theater
You will see some shows in a theater in the round like the Lion King, which was a big winner with our kids. go

Grab your Helmet and Drive
The four main Theme Parks are only part of the day and you get all the fun over on international drive. go

Nemo in the Sea
Nemo in the Seas is a special place, do not miss that. go

Disney Educational Opportunity
Getting some movie star educational skills at the same time as enjoying is a good thing. go

Top Notch Orlando Food Stops
Everyone can rejoice in the entertainment or you can just sit back and enjoy the best adult cocktails. go

Be sure to have your Video Camera
The easiest way to allow your younger children to get on stage at Disney is at High School Musical. go

Special Seasonal Discounts Keep it Cheap
We like to soak up the sun down by the beach after we first challenge ourselves to the ultimate free-fall called Summit Plummet. go


Enjoy your Disney Day

Nice Atmosphere for Everyone
Taking the bus works fine, it comes around every 15 minutes or so. go

I love the bicycle and golf cart rental program right at the campground. go

Getaway Weekend just one hour from Tampa
Set lakeside right next to Epcot Park is this dynamic pool zone that just goes on and on forever. go

Kids Hotel
Visitors will find themselves fully immersed in the animated experience both inside and out. go

Lakeside Hotel
Relax and renew at this iconic Orlando area resort and golf destination, bring the family. go

So Fun to be at a Disney Resort
Bicycles are the coolest way to tour the beautiful hotel properties. go

Swimming Pool
We stayed for three days, and just enjoyed all of the fun. go

Special is a Day

Special is a day at the Animal Kingdom Zoo park, boy do they have a little bit of everything to light up your day there. One of the things that doesn't get that much publicity, but is very Special Indeed, is the Tree of Life. Once you go to this park, it is very apparent which is the centerpiece of the entire complex. The intricate carvings on the inside and underneath where you walk through are very special. A lot of people are rushing from attraction to attraction and just worried about using their fastpass plus. Some of the best things are the little tiny things that are the intricacies where you really are into a faraway land that this particular theme has been built for. Some of the things that we liked the most was the Dinoland area, because of that mini sized roller coaster. For the animal lovers, the exciting wild Africa trek is a true encounter with african creatures in their native habitat. This is one area we took the most photographs of the animals up close.

Harland Q.

Super Travel Trips

I did the zip line at Typhoon Lagoon where you drop in the water! Sounds like you did a good one and are ready to jump out of a plane! The water parks are very good and we recommend it.

Billie G.