We love the one-price unlimited drinks plan the resorts offer

Hotels with Kids
It makes you smile when you pull into the parking lot and go right through the guard gate, because you have arrived. go

Resort Winners
Movie buffs love staying at All-Star Movies. go

Lakefront Hotel
I really am glad we stopped and I got a giant to the sub at the subway restaurant which is not far away and stuck it in the refrigerator inside the hotel room. go

Super Roof Top View Video
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

Swimming Pool
And the transportation if fun too, try the monorail, ferryboats, and bus transportation to move around Disney. go

Nice Resorts
It is my pick for a central Florida Hotel winner. go

Swimming Pool
It is just fabulous and it is so fun having the sand under your feet. go

Orlando Beach Hotel is a Dream Stay
For bike rentals go to Old Key West, Boardwalk Inn, Port Orleans Riverside, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, Saratoga Springs, Coronado Springs, and Caribbean Beach Resort. go


Vacations the Disney Way

Blizzard Beach Slide Map
The family likes rides that take so long to wind its way round and round the mountain. go

Adorable Kids on Stage
Beautiful is that wonderful photo of those five little girls on stage there at the Magic Kingdom. go

Inside Stuff
Very impressive it is because walt really thought about things. go

Proven Winners for Happy Kids
We save money with the AAA discounts. go

Disney Parking Tram Drop-Off
Inside the animals zoo, I think the Photopass spot that has Expedition Everest in the backdrop, is the number one place to get a photo. go

The key elements to Visiting Disney Orlando
I love the pink pig outfits which are so cute. go

Great Areas to see and Enjoy
Wow, they put on a great show in front of the wonton restaurant. go


Hotel Accommodations

Vacations the Disney Way

Finding the deals in Orlando is pretty easy to do if you're flexible on your hotel accommodations. If your goal is only about keeping the cost down, then you can search on google for value resorts near disney World. That would be a good Search for Hotels that are offering a value. The Beach Club Resort should not show up as one of the returned items on that particular search. Hopefully the Pop Century Resort is listed plus a lot of others that are even cheaper than the Disney price. Because Orlando is overbuilt for hotel rooms, there is a high percentage of vacant units just about every day that's not a peak time. You can look for Disney resort discounts when they become available, often sent out in newsletters. Luckily for you, most of the websites already signed up for the newsletter so you will be able to find some good deals if you do a little bit of homework. Usually the prices for hotel rooms come out and they are for the next couple of months, or perhaps the next four months. They are not usually unlimited so you need to be ready to Book your Reservation.

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