We love to Eat good Value Foods without the White Tablecloth

Good Things to Eat
I like the way that you order first, right away when you get in there and then they call you when you're food is ready to be picked up. go

Draft Beer Cafe
The spicy pig is one of the best pizzas they make with ham, pineapple, smoked bacon, jalapenos, and a five cheese blend on top. go

Sports on TV
This is the spot where you can watch all kinds of sports on tv. go

Eating Out in Orlando
Forget about the normal old style restaurant with four walls, and your only entertainment is your server. go

Food and Beer
You can have more fun at a place like this and there's entertainment up on the sports tv watching televisions. go

Bar of Ireland
It's a good idea to sign up for their monthly newsletter to keep track of their events. go

Dinner and Cocktails
During the vacation week we decided to spend one night to go out, just the two of us for a special romantic dinner. go

Brew Pub
I think it starts with a really good bread and I like the sourdough myself toasted. go


Delicious Meals

Camping Land with Children
Best of all is Fort Wilderness is right in the middle of the Walt Disney World Complex, so you are very close to the theme parks, water parks, and numerous shopping and dining options. go

Portofino Bay
Having the exceptional dining opportunities so close by is a dream for us. go

Blizzard Beach Slide Map
The family likes rides that take so long to wind its way round and round the mountain. go

Dance Your Feet Off
The property was very well kept up and the rooms were plenty big for our three night stay. go

Safari Fries
Only at the Theme Parks to you get crazy and zany places to eat like this. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
This is the spot for us, we are junkies in search of the fastest and scariest rides but need to keep the budget. go

Cheap Family Fun in Orlando
The youngest of the children is four and she really enjoyed the whole thing with the colorful balls and trying to get it in the golf hole. go

This Lovely Menu

Take the family to the Espn Restaurant and nobody will be disappointed in this lovely menu. The first time we went here was kind of late in the afternoon and we just wanted some cold beers and some nachos the split between us. I came away very impressed with the quantity of food, large portions are really important for us when we've been burning calories all day like long-distance runner. Of course we've been walking all day and not running, but you will feel like you just did a Marathon. Forget these restaurants that want to give you these little stylish looking small plates, with less food than a small-child could even get filled up on. We're not looking for pretty food we just want good sized quantities and tasty. If you get the classic burger make sure you get the french fries and everything will be smiles. They have a whole bunch of different dipping sauces to use and that's the way to make french fries a little more special. If you want a really healthy and have something tasty, try the salmon blt sandwich. If you are less hungry and you just want to get something small to go with your beer, ice tea, or coffee try the soup of the day which is often clam chowder made Florida Keys style!

Alana R.

Eating Spots

Ok, Florida Travel Commander sports lover. We will wait until a bucs game is on and then you can work on the patio. The hotels in the Epcot area are good inspiration. We so much enjoyed the Espn Boardwalk cafe. Anyone will like the Swan Hotel near Epcot and the Espn Restaurant.

Andre O.