We loved coming back from the parks to enjoy the resort pool

Beach Hotel
This is a big upgrade from the Ramada Inn hotel we stayed at last year. go

Swimming Pool
And the transportation if fun too, try the monorail, ferryboats, and bus transportation to move around Disney. go

Fun Place to Stay
A day at Epcot is only made even more enjoyable by being able to walk to your hotel! go

Swimming Pool Winners in Orlando
It is nice for us to take a fantastic one hour trips from Tampa. go

Tips for Orlando Hotel Reservation Booking
Pools are heated and they know how to make it work. go

Orlando Hotels
It is one of the Hotels perfect for the Magic Kingdom. go

Epcot Area Disney Resorts
We picked from the Caribbean Beach and then Port Orleans before graduating to the prime time Epcot Area Resorts. go

Splash Water Slide Pool
Old Port Royale is so pretty with the colors and the splash water slide swimming pool. go


Hotels with Pools

Mickey Mouse Pizza Restaurant
This Mickey Mouse style pizza cafe is right there near the Epcot resorts and is so good for a quick snack. go

Very Good Entertainment Value
They really know how to pack the full list of activities. go

Mexico Showcase
The restaurant there on the left is lakeside and one of the better places to get a Margarita and a chimichanga platter. go

Going Cheap and Saving at Disney
It is our best pick of the year, as the entertainment at Disney really picks up steam during any of the holiday celebrations. go

Education Aspects of a Disney Day
We like to fun stuff in the rides, but there's a lot in the history of Disney and America mixed in. go

Neatest Disney Soccer Games
You might just get lucky sometimes and they pull you in and congratulate you for being the guest of the day. go

Low Lines after Rain
It might take a few days before you can bend it fully. go


Open Today for Roller Coasters

Hotels with Pools

I liked Everest and Big Thunder roller coaster rides the most. I'm not sure they can make these roller coasters anymore scary. Some of them you can just sit at the bottom and look up and be mesmerized for about ten minutes or so. The town is great, plus all the emphasis on the express pass. The roller coasters will drive you crazy.

Lionel U.