We made a nice list of things to do

Action Entertainment
They take people from the line queue and put them on stage. go

Day-trips to Disney from Winter Park
It is a huge zoo, plus it has lots of rides, shows, and lots of adorable new additions. go

Big Winners for Entertainment Adventures
After the day, try Mario's Pizza or the Ming Court for dining. go

Eating on the Lake
Now, as someone who loves a good funnel cake, I have to admit, epcot has cornered the market as far as Disney Funnel Cakes go. go

Better Ideas for Thrill Rides
It is our top pick for Top Orlando Rides, but they moved it to Daytona Beach. go

Mexico Pavilion
You will need to drink some Mexican beer to help you with the hot sauces. go

Get strapped in for a 4G Space Ride
Now that we got our annual pass, the scary rides we used to pass up can be had! go

Tournament Level Orlando Golf Course
I lost about a dozen golf balls as there's a lot of water and some really dense tree foliage areas. go


Spinning Around

Disney Hotel Room
There is no time for the South Beach diet at Disney since you will be walking and doing the rides all day will burn a lot of calories. go

Hotels to discover even greater savings
If you have children on your Orlando Vacation, then high on your list of things to do is swimming pool playtime! go

Quick Service Foods
The food is not really that expensive here, although gets a little bit more pricey when you're inside the theme parks. go

Orlando Area Resort and Golf Destination
There is a golf course right next door and that is very cool. go

Swimming Pool Area is Amazing
I give it top honors because of the giant swimming pool, waterslide, poolside family activities, neat restaurants, and just about 2 miles to Walt Disney Parks. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
Asked about the value of all star Sports Resort, it would rank high in value based upon price. go

Dance Your Feet Off
Security is huge and much more noticeable as compared to other Orlando area resorts. go

Fans of the Roller Coaster Style Rides

The haunted house is so cool and a Magic Kingdom classic ride. You will need to do fastpass on the best rides. All of the roller coaster style rides are very popular. We stayed at Pop Century and breezed into the theme park using Extra Magic Hours. A multi day pass lets you do all the rides at a cozy pace.

Rickey V.

Many good Things

Casey's corner menu is so great. The food is so good at the Magic Kingdom. Kids will love the regular, plain Orlando hot dog like they make at hotdogheaven.com plus they can load it up. I do enjoy going to nathansfamous.com a lot, and casey's corner is close. You can see a review of that sandwich on the menu! If you do go for a plain dog, there's still nothing keeping you from some extreme toppings and lots. The great condiment bar featuring sauerkraut, onions, red onions, salsa, jalapenos, ketchup, hot sauce and mustard.

Michael V.