We most like Attractions where Children can be in the Show

Orlando has a Lots of Options
Any order would do, but these are listed in the order for families. go

Orlando Attractions and Recreation Information
We like to shop at Havertys Furniture and disney springs during the trip. go

Rainy Day Ideas
Small kids will freak out in the bubble lab. go

Pony Rides
Do not kick the horse like matt dillion of gunsmoke tv http://www.tvland.com/shows/gunsmoke show fame or you will be off like Astro Orbiter! go

We Loved the Marine Park
We could go right to our favorite ride (Manta) before the lines got too long. go

Zany Group of Colorful Cartoon Stars
Just be ready at all times, they just pop out all the time. go

Scary Mount Everest Rollercoaster
See birds of many species at the flights of wonder bird show. go

Top Spots with Children
Yeah Fun Spot Orlando! go


Daily Entertainment Spotlight

Group Ride and Movie Show
We thought this was a great ride, we've been on it about three times now. go

Enjoyed Three Super Nights in Orlando
Whenever we make reservations we also checked to make sure that the pool does not close in the evenings. go

Daily Cowboy Rodeo Show
One of the very best things that the Disney cast members do is bring people from the stands or the sidelines depending on what type of event that you are witnessing. go

Safety Staff
I love the way they keep the water just at the right temperature relative to the outside air temperature at the time of year. go

Smack in the Middle of the Entertainment
Wow, what a fantastic resort, grounds, restaurants, and pools to enjoy! go

Making the most of your Orlando hotel experience
Some of the sandwiches are pre-made, they offer a nice assortment of fruit. go

Around the Swimming Pool
We picked from the Caribbean Beach and then Port Orleans before graduating to the prime time Epcot Area Resorts. go

Prime Things to Do

Good times are here to be had on vacation as there is a multitude of prime things to do all the time. This time we decided to give Blizzard Beach Water Park a try and got the one day entrance pass. You can buy the pass at the ticket office just outside of the main entrance. This is the type of thing where you are busy all day and before you know it you realize five hours is over. Not only have you been busy doing the downhill rides, but also walking around all day and going up the stairs. We tend to be so mesmerized by all the action activities and don't even have time to eat. That might be part of the reason we always lose weight whenever we come the vacations down here in Florida. All of the swimming, activities, bicycle riding, and the walking at the theme parks will make sure that you lose some weight. We even go out each evening and drink beer and have all kinds of good food, but fourteen hours of activities will burn a lot of calories on any human being.

Lazaro Q.

Kids Picks

All kids enjoy going up to soar high above the streets in the amazing adventures of spider-man. We do the day, go out for a while to eat at tgifridays.com bar and shower up, then come back and do it all again. One day just isn't enough to see and do everything at the Magic Kingdom or universal. Citywalk is so fun, and make sure you get inside Islands of Adventure to explore the new experience of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Cool are the rides in three dimensional For all Ages. With two jaw-dropping Theme Parks full of the world's most cuttingedge rides, we have to go once a month or so. I most like the sit down shows and ride attractions. Do not miss the music concerts at Citywalk each evening.

Olga I.