We sure love all the disney character interactions

The Norwegian Shopping Zone
Its Norway, where you will find gorgeous cobble stone courtyards, a Norwegian town square, and fantastic replica of a 14th century Oslo fortress. go

Comedy Events
The children just raved and laugh over us helping poor ole mike wazowski. go

Live Show
The most popular live show for everybody in the family is the Lion King. go

Very good Live Event Show
The comedy cast members just pop out of no where to entertain the crowds. go

Free Boat Rides
We like to drink alcohol and let the cast members drive us around. go

A Superior Place to Stay
I would not get all caught up in the location of your room. go

Shopping near Disney
This is Orlando's winner for Shopping near Disney World. go

Epcot is the Best Dining
The meals are great at all the theme park restaurants. go


Innovative Entertainment

Rooms with a View
The opportunity for something a little bit better is important for birthday trips, weddings, and of course any anniversary party Celebration. go

Mousekeeping is Awesome
The hotel lobby lots-to-see-location is exceptional next to the restaurants on the lake and the beer bars. go

Our Excellent Hotel Selection
We come more often using the deals. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
Plan on great fun and sports entertainment. go

Coronado Springs Swimming Pool
The Coronado Springs swimming pool is impressive in every regard. go

Resort with a Beach
This is a big upgrade from the Ramada Inn hotel we stayed at last year. go

Pay attention to TV Ad discounts
With great dining and bars, try the 15th floor grill with its sweeping views. go


Super Fun

Innovative Entertainment

If you ever want to do something super fun, bring a friend over to Disney when it's their birthday weekend. At each of the theme parks, is really good to tell the customer service people that this person's birthday is today. As an example over in the Magic Kingdom, just as you enter the Main Street area, there is a guest relations office where you need to go in and tell them it's a birthday person. You show them the drivers license and that's all it takes to get a button, that says it is my birthday. Having it is my birthday button on means all kinds of surprises are going to happen. I don't want to tell you all the different things because it's probably better to keep it as a secret. Surprises are a big part of the day when you go to any of the parks, but Epcot gives you free wine glasses on your birthday. Restaurants will give you free dessert. There are good reasons to have a birthday at Disney!

Mathew R.