You can also buy alcohol in the restaurants, thank goodness for that

Enjoy the Disney Music Stage
For all of those people who have the park hopper option, this is where you want to go in the afternoon and early evening time. go

Always a Winner
I think it's fun to do some creative things with the photography when you get back home so you have some memories to last a lifetime. go

Mountain Ride
This ride is fantastic. go

Dance Gig for the Children
It is family-friendly and you need to see that. go

When to go to Animal Kingdom Park
ANSWER: Animal lovers have no problem trying to figure out what to do with the kids this weekend, as Animal Kingdom is awesome! go

All sorts of Entertainment
Do not compromise your trip and having the best experience by not doing enough prep work. go

Perfect Day Trips to Disney Orlando
No place can match the family fun and adventures like the Disney Orlando Waterparks. go

Big Theatrical and Animatronics Show
Very impressive it is because walt really thought about things. go


Do Crazy Things

A Winner for Guests
Once you stay at one or two of the resorts around the Disney properties, you will be hooked. go

Mickey Mouse Camping
Try to get groceries away from the camp shops, as they are too pricey. go

Resort with a Beach
It is Voted Top for Orlando Resorts. go

Splash in the Pool
Oh my goodness did we have fun at all of these places. go

Grounds are Absolutely Stunning
The beauty of the grounds really cannot be over-emphasized. go

Hotel Taxi
The barefoot pool bar provides the extra juice and sizzle to your Florida vacation. go

Magnolia Golf Course Vacation Resort
Enjoy the coolest 18-hole championship golf course which is located conveniently for you to use, right next to the hotel. go

This is a Place for Photography

If you are bringing your video camera or are planning to take a bunch of photos, pay attention to where the Disney people take their snaps. Yes, they have studied all the backgrounds and know exactly which direction to take the video. Do what they do and you will be a star of home video production, Disney style. Also, my pick for beer bars is at Downtown Disney Springs, where the Irish Pub shines with Live Entertainment. It is the Raglan Rose Pub, do go there.

Kaitlin O.

Perfect for Loads of Exploration

Imagine seeing the world at your own pace, the budget travel day starts before 9am at Future World. See canada and China on the same day. Less packing and unpacking and stay right next door at the Beach Club Disney hotel. A multiple night stay is a dream Orlando vacation, perfect for loads of exploration.

Dario G.