Giant Disney Art Festival Weekend

Giant Disney Art Festival Weekend

What makes this so special is the huge draw of talent, as artist come from far and wide to be part of the contest. For that reason, it is a far cry from the community flea market style art for sale. You can find some exquisite pieces and see all the award winners. Yes, the award winners all proudly display their big ribbons and that makes browsing even more special when you see winners in the various artistic categories.

The best event each November. It might be the best time of year to enjoy the theme park pleasures.
Lance G.

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Anyone can join in this Art Show

The glass art is so impressive and getting to see the artist work is a nice treat during the show. Chalk Art is ideal for younger aspiring artists, and you can sign up and be part of the show. You might just win Mickey's Grand Prize!

Michele Z.

The perfect gift is Mickey Mouse Glass Art

You can see the hand-crafted glass over at Epcot too, up close and oh so hot. Yes, it is said to be up over 2,500 degrees. Just be sure to have a steady hand! I love the mickey mouse art pieces.

Cornell W.

Masters Art Festival

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