Bars near Universal

Bars near Universal

I just love a place that has a good menu of food and lots of beer and wine selections. I think the beer drinker will be plenty happy with a wide selection of different things you can get. Lots of people love the samuel adams boston lager beer or you can just get some kind a regular thing like a bud light, or a whole arsenal of different styles of beers in between.

I've only tried a few of the special flavors they have like the shipyard seasonal or maybe try a blue moon beer bottle! If you like wine you will have no problem picking out something and I won't even bother going through the list. They offer a wide selections including chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and plenty of pinot grigio!

Just looking at the pictures on the Ale House menu will have you ready to order some food. I think they have a high quality taste, plus a good variety of traditional foods and always some kind of special. I am a big fan of the blackened chicken quesadilla which are served with black beans and rice, plus guacamole, sour cream, and hot sauce. There's nothing better than getting some beer battered onion rings and being able to dip them in their famous cajun ranch sauce.

They offer the Ale House loaded fries which are seasoned french fries and you get a whole pound in your order. The big hungry meat eater might want to try one of those great steaks they have like the surf and turf where you get a little seafood and a nice grilled steak to go with it plus all the fixings. If I had to pick between here in the italian cafe that's right next door it would be an easy pick and the beer bar wins hands-down.

You can have more fun at a place like this and there's entertainment up on the sports tv watching televisions. Who wants a boring all regular restaurant when you can eat at a place where there's fun stuff going on all day long. If you have any dead spots in your conversations, watch some sports action. It happens everybody likes to have good tv to watch while you're eating and drinking cold beer. It's a Florida tradition! Find the bar right next to the hotel and close to the Rides with Scare Factor!
Beth N.

Ale House

5573 South Kirkman Road
Orlando FL 32819

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