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Orlando and Lake Buena Vista really do have an abundant amount of hotels with lots of options for fun. Because the hotel industry is so competitive here, you get way more value for your money than anywhere else in Florida. We prefer places that have fantastic swimming pools.

The outdoor pool area is enormous and even the indoor pool is a lot of fun. We always pick a place that has a really big Swimming Pool, unless it's in the winter.

Whenever we make reservations we also checked to make sure that the pool does not close in the evenings. Splash Play is part of Vacation Days. Some hotels have daylight pool hours only, which is ridiculous.

Those giant indoor elevators (that eventually go up to the sky) in the lobby are so special. We rode those so many times. The hotel has some really good restaurants and a Disney dining is better than ever. Yes, Great restaurants right inside the hotel is a plus.
Tyron A.

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Enjoyed Three Super Nights in Orlando

Just outside is the Food Court zone with a mix of pizzas, salads, sushi rolls, and seafood dishes. I liked it here. Orlando rocks, the perfect mix of surf shops, waterparks, and a sexy vibe.

A beach-disney split trip seems good, where we stay the first night at the World Center or Disney All-Star Music for the value. Both are hotels to take advantage of the swimming pools. The next day we would head to Cocoa Beach. Staying close to Disney Orlando is fun.

Freida T.

World Center

8701 World Center Drive
Orlando FL 32821

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